Saturday, October 31, 2009

october thirty-one

I didn't take Sean to his swimming lesson this morning because his cough was still there. I really hope it goes away soon. It doesn't even sound bad. It's just still there. I hate this time of the year, everyone seems to get sick.

This morning we hung out in the playroom a bit, I did a bit of work when Mack went for a nap. At one point I had all three boys napping at the same time... that was a really nice point during the day - complete silence.

My in-laws came over for a bit this afternoon to see the kids. It was raining when they got here and really icky outside, and even though I wasn't sure if kids would go trick or treating, I prepared treat bags:

I had 2 bowls, one peanut-free and the other with chocolate peanut treats. Just to be safe for any trick-or-treaters with allergies. Better be safe than sorry.

I prepared the bowls by the door, and waited for the bell to ring.

The sky was GORGEOUS after it stopped raining.
The rain stopping was a good sign that maybe trick-or-treaters would show up!

Before dinner, we had our first set of trick-or-treaters. Mack's best friend (in our frog costume) with his mom & older brother. Aren't they adorable??

I got the boys to dress up for a bit to answer the door to trick-or-treaters. I wasn't going out with them this year, as I didn't want them to get any more sick than they are. Sean's cough will for sure come back if I had taken them.

My mom & dad as well as sister came over tonight to bring Sean & Mack some goodies since they weren't going trick or treating tonight. That was very nice of them. They ate a little bit too much junk before bed, but they still managed to get to bed at a decent time - not too much of a sugar rush, thankfully.

There were only about 6 sets of trick-or-treaters over the entire evening. Very disappointing. Where are all the kids? Do they not go out anymore? We put up some halloween decorations, put out Sean's pumpkin and left all the outside lights on, plus visible lights in the front windows.

Tonight after the kids were in bed, we watched the Habs game. We won in a shootout 5-4 against Toronto. They wore really hideous outfits tonight on the ice, which they wore to the Feb 1st, 2009 game that I attended. It's a vintage uniform for the, quite ugly if you ask me.

I did some catch-up and am almost 100% up-to-date with my blog reading for those blogs I do read. It's quite nice actually to start being on top of everything and up-to-date. I still have a long list of things that I want to do now that both kids are in full time daycare, but slowly I am sure they will get done when I don't have to be working or in my class that I am taking.

To be honest, it doesn't really feel like halloween at all. Does it/did it to you?


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Caroline said...

I was at the Bell Centre on Saturday! It was a pretty exciting game though I was upset they managed to lose their 2 goal lead! I agree with you, the uniforms are hideous!

Andrea said...

I really wanted it to feel like halloween but once again we didn't dress up and go out to party.

On the other hand, we did help a friend move so I feel less guilty about not doing anything.

ikkinlala said...

This was about our 7th year with no trick-or-treaters. We're in a rural area, and I think parents just drop their kids off in town now (mine drove me around the neighbourhood when I was a kid).

Amelah said...

Very nice of u to give away prizes for people donating!!!!

No problem for bringing candy to the boys! I would do anything for them! xox

Bea said...

So cute! Love the froggy! The boys look great too. I think all the kids were here. We had 80 kids come by. Only 7 of them were teenagers. Crazy considering we haven't had any in years past.

Sarah B. said...

More cuteness from the boys! Sorry it didn't feel much like halloween for you, we kinda had a bummer of one too. Bean fell and busted her face at the fourth house and that pretty much killed ToT.

g-girl said...

i can't decide what was cuter--the boys as a lion and a tiger or as matching spiders!! probably for the best that they stayed in. we didn't get many trick or treaters either. gosh, that poor's going to be winter soon enough!

Tara said...

I was really surprised they wore those uniforms again. Maybe it was because of Hallowe'en? lol There were TONS of kids at my house, as always. But Maxime didn't get to go out either, he was too sick. Luckily he didn't seem to notice!