Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 26 of 31

Today we had our cousin Oliver's 1st Birthday party. There was no crying during the singing of happy birthday this time. Phew! Sean even let us put a birthday hat on him, without any complaints or fussing! He wore it well too!

During the party, Sean needed some mommy time to have his bottle. I don't mind - I love sitting with him. He looks too comfortable I think!

We took some photos outside in my cousin's backyard. I love this one of Sean & I.

The cousins. Robyn & Sean, Jenn & Jakob, Lisa & Oliver (the birthday boy). Notice we all have boys? Someone has to have a girl already!!!

Sean loved playing on Oliver's tractor. I think he's going to have to ask his grandparents very nicely for one of his own (Hint, hint mom & dad... your grandson would like one of these, maybe for his birthday?) He looks too cute behind the wheel!

This evening Jamie & I chilled and watched some TV. Big Brother 8 was on and before that we watched (while I napped a few minutes) Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader? Too funny that show! Tenant number 3 moved in, and the last guy comes tomorrow. I love that they offered to me post-dated checks for the entire year, so that means I don't have to see them (unless I run into them in the hallway outside the doors) or if they have any landlord things for me to take care of. *Hoping* that we'll sell the house for the spring, I am glad to hopefully only have about 8-10 more months of hearing people walk above us. It sucks when a door gets slammed, or they jump or walk like elephants. (It's already started).

Tonight I also grouted 1 more wall in my bathroom. I secretly enjoy grouting - hee hee. I find that a weird thing to like to do - but it's fun! Making sure the grout gets into between all the tiles, and using the tool that you use, I dono... it's just fun. I can't describe it. I have 1 more wall and a bit to go, which I will finish tomorrow, since Thursday my mother's house keeper Anna is coming to clean my house. You see my mother doesn't need her for three weeks, since my mother is remodelling the kitchen, it's being gutted and all the work that is the messiest is during the next 3 weeks, so my mother is sending her house keeper one day each week to each kid. I get her this week, because I wanted the mess from the bathroom (ceiling was just replastered/painted after that issue with fixing the pipes from upstairs), and I have a list of specific things I want Anna to do. It'll be so nice to have her clean my house! And wash the floors! (I hate washing floors!) However, I must keep busy with Sean on Thursday, because Anna loves him, and I don't want her to get distracted from the work! She's good at yapping too! Yep, excited to have someone do some work around here on Thursday!

Tonight, Sean accidently grabbed my knitting. I've been working on Sophia. I ended up dropped a lot of stitches, and it was beyond fixable, so I frogged the entire thing. This actually worked to my advantage because a) there was a long tail after doing a long-tail cast-on, and I hated wasting that much yarn (now it's all good after re-casting on), and b) there was 1 error in a stitch a few rows back, and it was driving me insane, however, at first I didn't have the heart to frog, but it was a very noticeable error. Well, that took care of that. Sean didn't do it on purpose, obviously, he's a baby, but it gave me an excuse to start back. I'm almost back to where I was before, I managed to get some knitting on it done.

In other knitting news, I must must must cast-on Jamie's Anniversary socks. 23 days left until my 2 year wedding anniversary. Better get cracking on them! (No rush though, Jamie says they don't have to be done for that exact date). On top of the socks, I'm getting him the Habs Practice Jersey (the new Reebok one), and also a box of hockey cards for him to open. (He collects hockey cards). I need to go see his buddy at the card store around the corner from our house (how convenient for Jamie's stash), and see what to get him.

Thanks for all the compliments on my Turtleneck Shrug. I absolutely LOVE it, and can't wait for it to be weather to wear it. It fits great. And what a fun & easy knit.

Tomorrow morning my sister is coming bright & early to baby-sit Sean. I have some business to take care of in the morning, and I am very excited about that. More about that soon. I also should try to get to the rental board, but I think that if the Green Metro Line is still down, that may cause me problems, because I was planning on taking the metro there, and not having to find parking, or find the place. I think in that case, I'll wait until the metro is up & running, and then go. I heard there was part of a building that collapsed downtown, and that is what is causing the Green Line to be down. I better look more into it. However, it's absolutely no rush for me to go tomorrow to the rental board (against my ex-tenant for the damages), but I also don't want to delay it any longer. You know?


Robin said...

Very cute pictures! I love Sean's "Ladies Man" shirt! He sure is, as the ladies all love him!

Jenny said...

That tractor looks like so much fun, I want to ride on it! And I love the Habs pacifier holder. Sean really has the hockey hook-ups!

g-girl said...

yay for no crying during "happy birthday!" he looks so cute in that bday hat. great shot of the three cousins! jakob is getting so big! oh, and I hope your parents get sean a tractor. that thing is awesome!! hope you're able to figure out a pattern for jamie's anniversary socks.