Thursday, May 17, 2007

20 Weeks

Today I got some awesome mail. I got some stitch markers from CeCe, whom I did a private swap with, after seeing the awesome stitch markers she makes. She made them differently than the scrabble ones I tried to do. I am working on perfecting my drill, and I plan on making some of my own.

I also got some mail from Cecily, who is an SP10 Hostess just like me. She sent a long some leftover sock yarn for Sean's blankie. Thank you Cecily!

I also received my Little Knits order today. The lighting in my office didn't do such a good job with the pink skein, and the weather has been very dreary, and so I will have to wait for some sun to take a better picture for you! From Top Left to Right you've got: Trekking Color Aquarell - Cinnamon, Chocolate, Mandarin & Vanilla #163 and Trekking Color XXL #167. The middle row has: Left to Right: Trekking Color Aquarell #166 and Number #84 (which doesn't seem to be on their website anymore). Bottom row houses left to right: Trekking XXL - Soft #05 and Trekking XXL - Light Peachy Pink, Light Creamy Cinnamon, Chocolate & White #126. What I like about Little Knits, is that their website quoted me 2-3$ more than what I was charged. Shipping came out cheaper than they thought, so she emailed me to tell me that they were charging my card a few bucks less. That was nice of them. They could have charged me the full price, and I would have never known. Also - she marked down it was a gift, and a cheaper value to go through customs. That was really nice of them. Makes me want to possibly order from them again.

Today, Sean got all bundled up to come with me to Walmart. I ran out of laundry detergent for Jamie & I. (I'm all stocked on baby detergent for Sean). I love his Habs gear! (Hat, gloves, pacifier clip & socks...)

This afternoon we hung out in my bedroom for a bit, while I folded three loads of laundry (Yeah, it never ends - let me tell you!) I put Sean in a "sitting" position, and figuring he wouldn't stay, because it's a bed, and not level like a floor, he managed to stay for a bit before plopping over. Maybe he'll be sitting before we know it??

And we had some tummy time! He was all smiles again today - back to himself! Here's your daily dose of smiles.

Sean is 20 weeks old today. 20 weeks! That's half a pregnancy! I cannot believe he's already 20 weeks old. To celebrate, Sean had Barley cereal for the first time. His doctor said it's time to try a few other things, and Sean seemed to enjoy it more than the single-grain rice cereal. We'll try it for about 3 days, to make sure there is no rash outbreaks or allergies, and then we'll move on to Oatmeal. We have a bunch of stuff I picked up for him today at Walmart (Heinz formerly Pablum) for him. I'm very excited!

Other Sean news, he's starting to become more interested in things. Like for example, look at him looking at the camera while I'm taking the picture (above). He's also started using 2 hands to grab things and play with things. That's also a new one. He's also kind of stretching out into a position to roll over, but no rolling over yet.

His cold is almost gone, but he's still got a slight cough. I'm going to give him a little more tempra tonight, and if it still persists, I think I will call his doctor. It's this damn change in weather. Last week we were sleeping in a diaper because it was too hot, and today, hat, gloves, sweater on top of a onesie & sleeper and two blankets in his carrier (his Bundle Me zipper is busted - must get it repaired). I was wearing a winter jacket today. Geez, you'd think we were in early December. I swear!

This evening I went down the street to the hospital (yep, I live down the street from the hospital where Jakob was born, and Sean too!) to meet Jakob Raziel. His first name Jakob is after his late great-grandfather Jack (Jenn's grandfather on the other side of the family - not the grandfather we shared (he also passed away, but in February 1989). And Raziel (pronounced like it's spelled), is after another relative, I was told, but forgot to ask Jenn & Yannick. Mazel Tov Jenn & Yannick - he's adorable!

Jenn says he's got her lips & Yannick's nose. I'd agree with that. Jakob also has A LOT more hair than Sean does even now!

I held Jakob for a bit, and to tell you the truth, I was expecting him to be heavier than he was, only because of Sean weighing almost 15 and a half pounds, I forgot what 8 lbs felt like!

Walking in the post-pardum unit, being in a room across the hall from where I was with Sean, made me miss being pregnant and having a new new newborn baby. Right now, I'm enjoying Sean and all the new experiences with him, at his stage of life, but I'm telling you, I almost have pregnancy & newborn fever. But I could opt for no sleepless nights, that's for sure. Anyhow, one day, Sean will have another sibling.. but not for now. Plus this house is only big enough for the three of us.... and then there's the convincing of my husband to move to the west island of Montreal. But that's a whole other story in itself!

This evening I watched the Season Finale of Grey's Anatomy, and then fell asleep during Lost: The_Answers. I must see if I can download that tomorrow, it was interesting.

On tap for tomorrow and this weekend? I was going to go swimming with Sean, but not with this cough he has. I'm not crazy, I don't want it to get worse. I want to sit on the couch for a bit and veg out and knit & watch more episodes of House, M.D. (I'm addicted). I want to finish Jamie's socks. Laundry is almost done, I just need to do a little bit of vacumming. We're having dinner at my in-law's tomorrow, since my sister-in-law and nephew are in town - as they're leaving with my in-law's to Disney in Florida for almost a week (Jealous I am!) And this weekend? Hopefully more vegging out and maybe watching some movies, and all that jazz... time to relax for once... It's been a while since I've just vegged out completely...not thinking about ANYTHING else. It's a long weekend, I deserve it!


Summer said...

Sean is so adorable, as always! Jakob is very adorable. The yarn is so pretty. Have a good time at dinner tonight

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

Jakob is a cutie - he is so new and lovely!

Good haul on the sock yarn, I wonder if they are still having their sale??? No, I must resist...

Barb said...

I love the yummy Trekking, you got gorgeous colors :)

g-girl said...

I can't believe Sean is in winter wear! :( the weather has been strange here too! Jakob is sooo cute! :) the sock yarn looks yummy!

Jenny said...

Jakob is a cute little guy--I bet when he and Sean get older, they will have a lot of fun together!