Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 16 of 31

I spent the afternoon with my mom shopping off the island of Montreal at Carrefour Laval. There is a little yarn/sewing shop in there, and I wanted to see if I could find any yarn for a sweater I want to knit Sean, but most of it was Acrylic. (Eeechhh. Uuuuch! Ahhhhh! Pulling hair out). I did manage to find some interesting colored sock yarn by Phildar. Never seen this before, and it was inexpensive. Took care of a lot of returns today (thank goodness the girl at Walmart was patient and nice) and even exchanged Sean's bottle steralizer. We're on number 3 by the First Years. If this happens again, (burned plate), I'm writing a letter to the company.

Sean is back to himself. His nose is still a little congested, but he is feeling a lot better. Thank you to everyone who was concerned! It really means a lot to me. He's back to his daily dose of smiles.

Sean likes to have conversations. Today, while I was in the mall, he was having a conversation with 3 elderly people while my mom was entertaining him on the bench near the Telus boutique.

You see.... I managed to convince Telus to give me a 150$ credit towards a new phone, and I picked out a new phone. I was using my father's old phone, because my original phone that I got with my plan was busted. Whenever I'd end the call on my flip phone, whenever I'd close the phone (flip it back closed), it would shut down COMPLETELY instead of just end the call. So, I was going to use my father's phone until I was "allowed" an upgrade, near the end of my contract, but that phone wouldn't keep it's charge. So... I somehow got a new phone today for free. I just had to pay to transfer my line. Worth the 25$ plus taxes! I really wanted the Pink Razr, but for 300$ - 150$ credit, I wasn't spending any money on a phone today. So I settled for this tiny cute little Samsung phone with speaker phone (important).

My cousin Jenn is having her baby boy tomorrow. She's the first scheduled c-section of the day. I'll post information as I have it. I'm very excited to meet the baby. If all goes well, I may go tomorrow night, but that requires a baby-sitter, as babies are not allowed in the hospital unless a direct sibling, and Jamie has baseball at 7pm (providing there's no rain).

Hmm, what else today? This evening, I didn't end up going to my SNB. Angela cancelled and Kadi wasn't going - so I decided that due to the rain, I was going to stay in as well. I made pasta with my homemade meat sauce, and we watched TV. (Ottawa vs. Buffalo - hockey playoffs). I took care of some laundry, and during Lost, Sean threw up all over me. I love Sean, but that formula stuff almost made me throw up too... it wasn't smelling very good at all. When Sean was newborn, there was often a throw up session about 2 times a week. Over eating. Didn't know when to stop, and he just kept asking for food. It went on for about 2 months. Then a 2 month break. Then about 2 weeks ago, it happened again when we had company over. Fun. Then again, tonight. He was cranky this evening from lack of long naps today (20 minutes here and 30 minutes there don't count anymore - I'm talking he needs 2-3 hour naps, and sometimes he stays up all day and doesn't take any, and some days, he does take his naps. I guess it depends if we're home or not? I wonder if this is bad or not?).

I could swear that someone I went to professional photography school with was in the mall breastfeeding a newborn. I didn't want to approach her, but perhaps I'll email her (if I can find her email address) and see if it was her.

I found a new awesome magazine. (New to me anyhow!) Canadian Family Magazine. So I subscribed for a 2 year membership. It was about 19.95$ with taxes for a 2 year subscription. Did I say membership before? Bah... I'm tired.

Oh! Crazy story... (before I head to bed)... When I arrived home today from shopping with my mother, I was sitting in my car, engine still running, Sean was fast asleep (car rides more than 5-10 minutes will do that to him).... and I was on the phone with Jenn, talking about her upcoming c-section and stuff. Anyhow, this woman comes right up to my window. I smelled "WHACKO" before she even approached. Because she was starring at me, I opened my window a crack. This was our conversation:

Lady: Are you Jewish?
Me: Yes.
Lady: The Rabbi over there (points to a house I don't know), isn't home, and I've got a check for 40$ and I need the money, and he's with the Jewish community, and he's usually home to help, but he's not, so can you please cash my check for me, and give me the 40$. (Or something to this effect)....
Me: I don't think so. (And I close my window.

Does it say IDIOT on my forehead? I don't think so. Check is obviously fraud. I've "heard" of this happening before. I'm smart for being one step ahead of this lady.

She starts asking people walking on the street. Then... this is what made me laugh. She goes and stands at the stop sign at the end of my 3 house block (there are only 3 duplexes on either side of the street from stop sign to stop sign) and she begins to tap on windows of people stopping at the stop sign. Random people. And then I don't know what happened to her, but I hope she didn't get into someone's car, and convince them to cash her check. I feel bad for anyone who fell for that.

I forgot to tell Jamie this... he'll get a kick out of it, I'm sure. This is the first time I've had a strange woman roaming in front of my house. Freaky.

No knitting today. I took a break. Much needed too, I was speed knitting the other day, and I swear my joints were killing by the end. I'm so close to being done Jamie's socks... by the weekend I'm sure.

My sound card on my computer is busted and I'm getting pop-up windows like mad. I think I'm going to bring my computer to my father's store tomorrow, and get it looked at. I know Jamie will love to see Sean for a bit, or even my sister, while I get my computer fixed. I also want to relax tomorrow. I'll I've been doing lately is running around. I need to breathe. I'm not sure if I'm going to go tomorrow night or Friday to the hospital to see Jenn & her new baby, but whenever I do go, I need a babysitter... so we'll see. I'd also like to take Sean swimming. So many wants....

I've also decided for the month of June (starting with ONE month), I'm not going to spend any money on personal stuff for myself (or Sean - he doesn't need anything at all)! I'm only going to spend money on food. I want to see if I can go one month without spending money. If Sean needs diapers, that's 1 exception. But no book ordering, yarn shopping, lipgloss buying for me. My only exception to spend money is to mail the stitch marker exchange packages for the summer swap, but I have a roll of stamps so I may not even have to spend money! Hmmm! I'm mailing out my final package to my SP10 pal the last week of May, so it gets to her in June, so I want to see if I could go one month.... no spending money. You think I can do it? I think I can! And it's even my birthday month... but I've been spoiling myself crazy lately, that I do not need to buy myself any more birthday treats... that's for sure! That's my challenge!


Dianne said...

I'm glad Sean is feeling better. He is such a sweetie. Hmmm, no spending money for a whole month? I couldn't do it. No way. I just read Jen's blog, and will keep watching hers and your blogs for news of the wee one.

Barb said...

I have too see if my LYS carries that Phildar sock yarn, they carry that brand just not sure on that actually kind :) I hope you can last the month with no spending :) did your Interweave show up yet?? glad too hear Sean's feeling better :)

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

I'm so glad Sean is feeling better - it's so hard when such a little one gets sick.

I had no idea Phildar made sock yarn??? I am intrigued now.

I want to wish you lots of luck on the "no spending for the month of June" moratorium! It will be tough, (trust me I know from personal experience - I loves to shop!) but you are made of tougher stuff!

Now I am going to go back and watch that video of your adorable little lad!

Summer said...

That is great that Sean is feeling better. I wouldn't give in to that women either. I probably wouldn't even open my window. I would just have ignored her.

Maggie said...

Congrats to Jen!

Glad to hear Sean is feeling better! I missed his daily dose of smiles. Daily dose of sick grumpy baby isn't nearly as cute.

No money for a whole month? No problem! You can do it. You have everything you need, right? Just keep busy and don't try to start any new projects that you don't already have all the supplies for.

g-girl said...

glad to hear sean is starting to feel back to normal. good luck with only spending $$ for food. next month, being your birthday month, leave the spoiling to the rest of us! ;)

Barb said...

I did'nt play the video earlier but I did just now with Leslie on my lap, she was talking back to Sean, I'm laughing so hard right now, I love the expressions he gets!!