Sunday, May 06, 2007

May 6 of 31

I made this crochet stroller blanket for my cousin Jenn for her baby shower. It was part of the gift I secretly revealed last night.

The knit part of the gift was this "J" washcloth I turned into a bib by adding cords. The name of the baby is not being announced until he's born, but I know the name, for the soul purpose that I got pregnant before Jenn (who is older than me), and ask me kindly to not name my child the name she had picked out, if it turned out that I was having a boy. I did have a baby boy, 4 and a half months before her son is scheduled to be born (C-Section, Thursday, May 17th, 2007 - the date has officially been announced today at the baby shower) and the name she chose was not on our list of names. But to be sure, she asked me kindly. She's naming her baby boy after someone who was near & dear to her, whom sadly passed away. It's a beautiful name, and I'm sure it will suit the baby boy to be! I do not know what the middle name is, I'm not even sure if the parents have picked it out 100% yet. They still have 11 days! (Unless baby J is born early due to water breaking, etc... before the scheduled C-section (due to baby J being breech).

Here is the items I crafted all packaged up all nice and pretty with a bow! I really hope she liked them (even though she said she did!) I hope she just wasn't being polite. (I am sooo critical of my work!) It's one thing knitting for yourself, it's hard knitting for someone else!

This morning before going to the baby shower, I had Jamie's late grandmother's sister's funeral. Let's just say, it was not a good idea bringing Sean to a funeral home. He decided he was hungry just as everyone was silent (after being a good boy for the longest time) and I had to run out of the room, and feed him outside the services room. I hope no one was looking at me funny, and Jamie realized afterwards that it was not such a good idea bringing Sean. (Which is what I said to begin with!) Anyhow - what can you do? It's over and done with. That'll never happen again. If god forbid, knock on wood, I have another funeral to attend anytime soon or even in the distant future, Sean will stay at home with a babysitter. And if one cannot be found, one of us will stay at home with him.

Sean had a really good time at the baby shower. He hung out with his 9 month old cousin Oliver. Oli was born August 3rd, 2006. Oli kept trying to hug Sean, it was the cutest thing in the world! The two boys were sooo cute together, really! The overalls Sean is wearing in the picture above (you can't really tell) - yeah, let's just say that is the last time he will be wearing those. I swear I thought they fit him when we left the house this morning! Thank goodness I had a change of clothing in my diaper bag.

After a long day - Sean fell asleep for about half an hour at the end of the baby shower. It was a much needed 30 minute nap for him, although I would have preferred it would have been longer than 30 minutes, but there was no where to put him down to sleep.

After the baby shower I went to my parents house for a bit, (and for dinner) and Sean was having fun in the crib at my parents place. Here is an overload of cuteness for you!

Sean started with his RaZberry Teether that I got him. Boy, he's really starting to teeth. He's chewing on everything, including his own hands! (Sucking on them like crazy!)

And while we ate dinner at my parents place, Sean got to amuse himself in this fancy smancy exercauser. It's way more cooler (is that a word?) than the exercauser that I have for him at home. Ahhh - spoiled my grandma & grandpa! Let me tell you! Sean realized tonight for the first time that if he hits the buttons it plays sounds & music. He was having a field day. Of course he kept hitting the same button over and over again, but it's still cute to see his reaction! Oh, he's such a smart little guy!

At three minutes and four seconds after 2 AM on the 6th of May this year (today), the time and date will be 02:03:04 05/06/07. How crazy is that??

For your daily dose of smiles, I'm leaving you with this video.
Please IGNORE the silly noises I'm making.
Hey - I got the reaction out of him I wanted by making them!
He giggles! It's the cutest thing in the world.
(Ok, I'm biased).

I did a little shopping tonight on (I've ordered from them before). I think I went a little nuts on the ordering of sock yarn. (Hey it was on sale!) I purchased a ton of Trekking XXL! Colors ordered: 167, 126, 84, 166, 163 & 05. Oh, I can't wait to get them! I'm going to be in sock heaven soon. Owning almost all the colors I've always wanted to own! I can't wait to finish Jamie's married sock, so I can do mine, and then move on to Jaywalkers, and a ton of other socks on my sock knitting wish list! I'd also like to make another pair of Mrs. Hunter's socks, which is in that sock pattern pamphlet I got on Wednesday. As well as a bunch of other socks in that pattern booklet - they're just too nice!


Lisa said...

Awesome gifts! I made a baby blanket for my nephew when he was born with his initial on it as well! :) They loved least they said they did. LOL Actually I know my brother really appreciated it! :)

Sean looks adorable as always. Especially in the video of your silly sounds and his giggles. :) always gets a smile from me first thing in the morning.

I LOVE they have awesome sales. I got a bag of noro silk garden not too long ago. I've been wondering how the Trekking yarn is since I've seen it all over the place. Can't wait to see all the socks you knit!

Drea said...

He sounds just like Taite when he laughs :-) and he makes the same faces, hehe.

He will like the razbaby more and more as he gets use to it. Taite didnt take to it at 1st but now he grabs that thing and NAWS like a camel. He loves it.

Seans bed looks cozy :-) Taites still in a packnplay... his crib is in storage :-(

Anonymous said...

Good God those gifts are tacky! I hope you gave her something else as well!

Anonymous said...

Anon, there is nothing more tacky than a horrible comment..Get a life.
The blanket and bib are cute. I'm sure she loved them. Anything handmade always comes from the heart.


Barb said...

I love the Trekking 126, reminds me of neopolitan ice cream :) can't wait too see all your trekkings :) I only have # 133 but have'nt knit it yet last time I was at the lys she had one that was blues/purples I almost bought, very pretty

Anonymous said...

I like those gifts. You did a really nice job.

I love Seans smiles. They are so adorable. I love all the pictures of Sean.

g-girl said...

I'm sure your cousin, Jenn, loved the gifts you gave her--she knows what you put into making them. :) love the pic of Sean and Oli! Too cute. :)

Katie said...

You know, I live a little more than 15 minutes from Little Knits and I never go there, and here you are ordering from them from Canada. I'm glad to hear they are a good shop to order from... I've tried to go there once or twice but they don't publish the store hours so you have to call but guess what? They never answer the phone! I don't want to work that hard to spend my money :) But I just checked the website and a few things tickled my fancy so maybe I need to give them another shot?

Oh, and the gifts are lovely!

Wendy said...

Love the video! I love baby giggles! The blanket and bib you made were so nice! I know that she will cherish those since you made them!

Anonymous said...

I am COMPLETELY disgusted at the ignorance and just plain old nastiness of the anonymous commenter left. Talk about tacky. What kind of a loser would not only leave a comment like that BUT to not have the hoombas to leave their name. What a coward and tacky action. I would LOVE to see that classless person face to face, I would have to show IT the manners ITS mama should have!!!!SHAME on you!!!! Classless, purely classless!
Now onto important matters, I would LOVE to recieve those items as a gift, what an honor! you did a beuatiful job and ohhhhh the baby is just soooooo cute!!!
Sorry to butt in on the comments, I just was so disgusted I had to delurk!

Maggie said...

I don't usually read other peoples comment but wow. I can't believe someone would say such a thing! My favorite gifts were the homemade ones. There was thought and time and effort put into them. Anyone can buy blankie or bib or whatever, but something handmade is so much more personal - not to mention that he'll be the only baby with one like it!
If you can't say something nice then keep your piehole shut!!

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

I agree - who ever you are "Annonymous" you aren't playing nice! Robyn's gifts for her cousin are so cute. Good job Robyn! I loved every handmade gift I got for my daughter (which were very few).