Saturday, May 05, 2007

May 5 of 31

I have some new rings going up in my etsy shop soon, I'm just trying to work out the shipping price. I can't ship these rings in a bubble envelope - they're just too fragile. I've made myself one, so far, and one for my sister (which I'll be giving her tomorrow), and two for custom orders that I've already gotten. Those are for Secret Pal, so I can't give away too much information. If you want to order one, leave me a comment or email me (email address is in my sidebar).

Isn't it just funky? I just love it. Too darn cool! And sooo unique! Too fun - really!

Here is your daily dose of smiles. Sean was helping me make lunch today. I was in the kitchen doing some cleaning up, and he saw the spoon in my hand, and was looking at it - so I gave it to him to look at. He's starting to get very curious about things. That could be a good & bad thing!

I finished the little secret project I was working on for the baby shower I've got tomorrow for my cousin Jenn.

It's all packaged up and ready to go. One item is knit and the other is crochet. The crochet one has been done for a while, since I found out my cousin was pregnant. Tomorrow I'll reveal what they are - after the shower girl gets to open them!

I'm unfortunately going to be late to the baby shower. It's called for 12:30pm in my parents neck of the woods (about 20 minutes from my house), but Jamie's late grandmother's sister passed away on Thursday, and we only found out this morning of this news. The funeral is tomorrow at 1pm in my area of town, so hopefully if there is no traffic, I'll get to the baby shower by 2pm. I'm not going to the cemetary, it's no place to bring a baby, and I've had prior plans for Jenn's baby shower. Jamie understands, and that's why I'm only going to the funeral home.

This evening I cast on sock number 2 of Jamie's "married" sock. I was thinking about only working on it while Jamie was not home, and then surprising him with them for Father's day, but he was joking around about them, so I said "what the heck" and pulled them out tonight after finishing the baby shower little gift. Jamie kept trying on sock number 1, and saying "feels sooo good, soooo good!" I guess that was a hint for knit faster?

I was able to get 10 rows of ribbing done this evening while we watched a few episodes of Season 1 of House, M.D. - I really like this show - the guy, Dr. House is sooo funny! I saw bits and pieces of an episode while at my parents house not too long ago, and thought it was pretty good. Today we also caught up on 24 from this week (why is the whole Audrey story boring the heck out of me?) and Lost from Wednesday (which was f-ing awesome! Are they all really dead? What is it that Jack won't tell Kate? Ugh - this story is getting weirder and weirder, and I can't wait to find out what happens next! Wednesday is just not close enough!)

My tattoos are healing rather nicely. My back (cherries) is scabbing right now, so it's not really a pretty sight to begin with right now, and I can't wait for it to be healed so that I can wear a tank top no problem! My ankle doesn't really need that much more healing - it was all thin lines that were drawn (ball of yarn with two knitting needles in it) and it wasn't colored in, so it's a faster healing process, I think. I think soon it's going to start getting itchy, so I'm thinking about buying some Preperation H (which was recommended by the tattoo artist whom did my first tattoo 5 years ago April), so I may use it - as it'll coat the tatoo and relieve the itchiness. It's starting to get a little itchy, and scratching is obviously out of the question.

Arlight, I'm debating waking the little guy up to give him a bottle and change him, so that Jamie who is going to get up with him tomorrow morning, can sleep in just a little bit later. I got up with Sean this morning at 7:50 am, and am a little zonked, so I'm sleeping in tomorrow morning!

Nothing much else going on around here.... besides some laundry to fold!
I wish I lived in the USA for the sole purpose of being able to enter the contest to play a dead body on the TV show CSI (Las Vegas). There is a contest going on here.



Andrea said...

Sean is too cute. I'm so not a baby person but his pics make me laugh.

The Audry thing isn't very interesting. Poor 24. Going downhill. I think it's time to stop.
House is another one of my favs. I'm curious to see Hugh Laurie in another role, cause he has a British accent that you don't hear at all in House. I might need to check out Lost at some point.

Raesha D said...

I love Hugh Laurie. It's so funny to watch him as the dad in Stuart Little and then as Dr. House. I have never seen him in a role where he did not do an American accent.

As for the tattoo, every artist will tell you different, but we've used Aquaphor on my husband's most recent one and it works fabulously. It's a lotion similar to Eucerin but it also has healing ointment like Neosporin in it. It's a little pricey but you inly use a tiny bit so it will last a long time:)

Lisa said...

socks look fabulous and I can't wait to see what the surprise gift is! :) How cool is it that your cousin has a blog too? None of mine do...that I know of, but then again I'm not really close to any of my cousins.
I used tattoo goo on my tattoo helped it heal fast. I don't really remember it itching much though ;)
Sean's smiles are cute as always! :) thank you for sharing :D

g-girl said...

thanks for the happy bday wish! :) I'm still trying to catch up on sleep from the busy weekend! yay for finishing the sock! hope you can wear a tank top soon!