Monday, May 28, 2007

5 Months

My little guy is 5 months old today. I can't believe it. Each month I say this, and each month I mean it even more... Where does time go? Really? Can anyone explain it to me? Sean can now almost sit on his own. He's still a little wobbly, but he's getting the idea of what to do to keep himself up. What else... he started Mixed Cereal a couple of days ago. (We've done Single Grain, Oatmeal, Barley and now Mixed Cereal). Tomorrow we're trying Butternut Squash. It's orange. Should be very interesting. We tend to find Sean in the mornings rolled over onto his back. He goes to sleep on his stomach. I think I need to install a camera to see this rolling over business. He's starting to look at our food more and more and wonder why he can't eat it. We try not to eat infront of him as much as possible. Sometimes it's just not possible. Hopefully the butternut squash will help his desire to want real food.

That double chin of his is getting chunkier! I hope he grows a neck soon, so that we can get rid of that, because he's not a fat baby at all! I swear!

I got some mail today from Laura, who sent me some leftover sock yarn for Sean's blankie. I've decided that this yarn above will be used to make the HUGE square in the middle that I'm working on next. I'll cast on in the car tomorrow. I'm bringing the married sock, column of leaves scarf, and Sean's blankie. (Yeah, Knitting A.D.D.. lol).

Today was a hole bunch of laundry for the trip. Packing was involved too. I went to Pre-Post Natal Aqua tonight, to find out that it's being cancelled for the summer due to lack of attendance. So June 18th, (2 days after my birthday) is my last class until September. If they'll have me back 9 months post-partum I'll go back in the fall and keep going until my next pregnancy. I really like that class. It's so much fun. I still plan on using the pool all summer, since I don't have one of my own (unless I go to my parents house - which I plan on doing as well). The class would still keep running if at least 6 of us attended, but we have been only 2 of us (Edwina who is 17 weeks pregnant, and I, at 5 months post).

Tomorrow I leave in the morning for Northampton, MA with my mom and grandmother and Sean too. I'm very excited to get away for a few days. My computer is completely backed up, and is going in tomorrow for a clean-up (re-formatting). I hope it runs so much better when I return. I also have a busted sound card, so I can't wait for that to work as well.

Alright, some more chores to do before I can leave tomorrow!

If you're going to Webs - see you there! (I'll be posting - I have free high speed internet in my hotel room!)

ps- Apparently some of you are shocked to the amount of sock yarn I had. I also couldn't believe what I had when I pulled it all out from various places to photograph it! I have no idea how it got so big! But I'm loving all of it, and I won't hesitate to add more! (Can you tell I'm a sock yarn addict?!)


Drea said...

Sean is SO CHUNKY LOL! so cute.
Taites been on baby food about 3 weeks now. He loves it. Last night he had squash then threwup everywhere. Dont think it was the squash though haha. Hes been on the sick side and his boogers clogging up his throat resulted in that. Hes ok now.

He loveeeesss apples and sweet potatoes.

Taites way wobble though and will be atleast 6 months before he can hold himself up good enough. I think any way. :-)

Barb said...

Sean's gonna love the real food now :) I hope you have a great trip, can't wait too see what you score down there!!

Mo said...

When you find out where the time goes, let me know. Some mornings I wake up shocked to find a 10 year old and a 4 year old sitting in the kitchen.

Laura said...

Hey Robyn- are you still on the hunt for mor esock yarn? I'm heading (we think) to Northampton for the harlot, and I've got some leftover that I'd love to give (or send) for Sean's blankie!

let me know!

Wendy said...

Happy 5 months to Sean! He is looking so darn cute:)

lauriec said...

What a sweetheart! I loved the 5mos+ age group. Their personalities start to come out, they're adventerous physically & are just too cute!

g-girl said...

that sucks about your post-natal aqua class being cancelled for the summer! :( hopefully it'll return in the fall--you're gonna have to rally some pregnant/post-natal mommies! :)