Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 8 of 31

Today I did a lot of errands with my mum. Plans with Kadi got moved until Thursday, due to her having a cold, and me not wanting Sean to get sick a week before his 4 month check-up (shots).

So we left the house today at about 11 am, around, and we didn't get back home until 5:45 pm.

On my mom's street, there is this house with a TON of red tulips. By the way, this morning the last tulip, it was gone. Jamie said he noticed it when he got the paper in the morning from the front steps. Yeah. Gone. So I'm thinking, it was an animal. Which is funny, because no animal ate my tulips last year. So why this year? Are they tastier than last year? But I'm pretty confident that it wasn't kids or a pissed off neighbor or my tenants, or anyone else... ha ha ha. Kerry - here is another contest post for your SP10 group - as I promised you I'd hunt down a garden! It's cool that not only I'm a hostess in SP10 - but I get to participate just as everyone else does, and be in someone else's group! Fun!

I had an interesting conversation this morning with my rabbi neighbor's youngest daughter. I rang their bell (She's staying with her dad until her new house is finished renovating) and I was telling her about my flowers, (her car was blocking me into the driveway - which annoys me, but that's a whole other story) and she told me that her little girl (must be 2 or 3 years old) left her little plastic skooter out in their "closed off" front yard, (I'll have to take a picture to explain this to you), basically our properties are surrounded by bushes in a rectangle, closing in the land in the middle - so you actually "lose" your front yard. Anyhow, her daughter had placed her skooter by the stairs (inside the bushed in area) where no one could see it, and it was stolen within an hour. Lovely. Just lovely.

Upon getting home tonight from the shiva for Jamie's great-aunt's passing, Jamie & I caught up on Entourage from Sunday & Heroes from last night. We still have Sopranos & 24 from this week to catch up from. I then watched Desperate Housewives on my own (from Sunday), and while watching all this TV, I first frogged one row on the sock, because I thought I did it wrong, but it turns out I was right from what I marked down in my notes (I should never doubt my notes!) and then had to re-frog the re-knit row, and re-knit it. Yeah, I lost some time there. But that's okay. And now (above) is my sock progress for now.

I think I'm going to go watch 1 epsiode of House M.D. and knit a few more rowns and then hit the sack. Sean's out cold and has been sleeping since we got home from Jamie's cousins house. This worries me because that just means he'll be getting up earlier tomorrow (today I had to wake him up near 10 am, because I wanted to get my day started, and leave to go to earrands!)

I do want to add in that today while out doing errands I saw a Montreal Canadiens shirt that I'd been eyeing for a while now (in kid's size) on liquidation price! Oh my. Not only did I buy Sean one, but I bought him 3. One in size 2, one in size 3 an done in size 3x (not sure what 3x means, but it's bigger than 3 - I measured them up to each other). He won't fit into them for a while, but for the price I paid, I'm sooo happy. (This kid better like hockey! LOL). I also got him a Team Canada jersey shirt, just like the 3 Habs ones I got him, in the only size they had left.

Ok, tv and knitting time.

Oh and ps- Dearest Dear Anonymous - Go read my comments from the last few posts. People have left you comments, especially for you. Oh - and the baby shower mom Jennifer, who's soon-to-be baby boy I knit & crochet for - she left you a comment too - THAT SHE LIKES MY GIFTS!


Alison said...

I can't believe someone cut your tulips! We have a few in the backyard, and they finally opened today. I think they're safe back there... ;)

Wendy said...

Our cat eats the buds off out tulips! We wondered where they all went, until I saw her munching on one the other day! Wierd!

Lisa said...

Glad to hear you know what happened to the tulips or you think you know what happened to them LOL now you just sound paranoid hahahahahhaa

suzspeaks said...

Those tulips are beautiful! I can't believe someone took your tulips!