Friday, May 04, 2007

May 4 of 31

I got the most amazing Secret Pal ever!! Really! Wow! I absolutely love her or him! Just in today, package number 2! All I have to say is WOWZERS!

I now own some fibers and my very own spindle! I'm not sure really how to use it, but I have some instructions that came along with it. These two items come from Hello Yarn. I got some Pink Dyed Corriedale Spinning Fiber. Oh wow! I'm freakin' excited!

Isn't this gorgeous? It's from Etsy Seller Kindred Spirits Yarn. It's just beautiful. My toes are going to love me. Must finish other projects so I can cast on!

I also received Quick Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss. I had ironically purchased this book on Wednesday while at Chapters with my mother. I have the bill, so I'm going to exchange it. Hopefully I can maybe find a book on spinning instead!? Great minds think alike!

I also got some soak wash for handknits and some really cute post-it notes. I heart post-it notes! I'm a list maker and post-it note leaver!

Sean even got a present from my wonderful SP10 pal. I haven't taken it out of the packaging just yet, but he'll get it tomorrow!


Here is your daily dose of Sean smiles. Sean was my good luck charm during poker tonight. I came in second place making my 10$ back. So I didn't lose out tonight, and I had a lot of fun. Too bad I didn't have the patience anymore to come in first place. (I would have made 40$ profit!)

Here are the 2 skeins I dyed the other day. It's Lannett Superwash yarn. This was with food coloring. The other 2 skeins were Regia, and with Kool-aid. I'll only be able to post those after SP10 is over and I reveal myself to my pal! Being a hostess I have to be very careful, and not post anything I send my pal, incase she stumbles across my blog! Wouldn't want her to know who I am too early!

Kerry, my SP10 Hostess is having a contest to blog about our garden and/or talk about our fave flower. I do not have a fave flower. I hate flowers actually. I told Jamie never to buy me flowers when we first started dating because they die. Why spend money on something that will just end up dying. However, I do think flowers are beautiful, even though I hate them. They are a lot of fun to photograph.

Last year, this time, exactly today a year ago, I had tulips in my front yard. Fast forward a year, and the weird weather we've been having, and here is my front yard right now (above). Hopefully my tulips will bloom soon. Then, in my backyard, not for a few more months, I'll have orange flowers (June) & purple ones (about July/August) too. There are three little areas with tulips next to each other. I had no idea they were there until they blossomed the year after we moved in. You see, they don't last long. Maybe 2 weeks if we're lucky. We got possession of the house on May 18th, 2005. We only officially began living her May 26th, 2005, when all our stuff was officially over here. We were sleeping on a matress on the floor in our living room for about a week (until our new carpets were installed) but we were officially here. Hence missing out on the tulips in 2005. In 2006, last year, we were surprised with the tulips. We had no idea they were here.

So this is my entry for the SP10 contest for the group I'm in - talking about flowers & gardens!
I got this in my email box from Lion Brand this morning. Can you say EWWW??? I also got a really cute pattern for a Knit Baby Hoodie, but it's more for a girl, not for Sean. So I've saved the pattern in my pattern folder on my desktop, and maybe one day it'll come in handy, for a baby girl or a gift! Or both... (here's to hoping the next kid is a girl!)

I did some pattern ordering today and got myself:

- Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (I'd seen one of the girls in my SP10 group talk about some wonderful patterns in this book, and had to get it. luckily they had it, while browsing for the next title!)
- Classic Elite Summertime Knits (Been eyeing this booklet, and found it cheaper here! I'm making the cabled pullover - I have the yarn already!)
- Sirdar Knitting Pattern 2062 Snuggly DK (While browsing originally for the Classic Elite Pattern, I came across these!)
- Sirdar Knitting Pattern 1507 Supersoft Aran(Sean will look super cute in both these 2 Sirdar patterns. (My first time hearing Sirdar -I've never seen their stuff before either, but I was browsing the patterns on sale, and what do you know - they have some really cute ones for babies!)

And that's it for today my friends. It's getting late, and I want to get to bed. On tap for tomorrow? NOTHING! I want to relax, and relax and knit?! Jamie has a team practice, his first softball game is on Monday night. I'm hoping my tattoo heals, because I want to go to post-natal aqua on Monday night, and Sean has his first swim lesson on Tuesday. They say to wait 2 weeks to go swimming or longer if you can avoid it, but the pool at the local Y is not chlorinated water, it's on another system, and I'm itching to go in the water. My ankle seams almost healed, it's my back that is scabbing and taking longer to heal. I only have a few weeks left of post-natal aqua (the instructor is going on leave, and doesn't know if she will come back to teach the class, and right now can't find an instructor, and even if they do, it won't be the same, so I probably would not continue). I'm cancelling my membership as of June....! Whether the Y likes it or not.


Andrea said...

I think that Sean would look fabulous in that fuzzy jacket. And be scarred for life and need massive amounts of counselling later.

So you're going to be dyeing and spinning your own yarn. It's like being able to make your own drugs.

Barb said...

you sure are spoiled, I don't know how too spin either, can't wait too see your adventures doing that :) I LOVE that dyed yarn very pretty colors

Caroline said...

For me, flowers are like food (and I LOVE food). Something you enjoy for a moment and then it's gone. But it sure is great while you enjoy it. :)

Lisa said...

you hate flowers? Even flowers that are growing outside?

That fuzzy jacket is the fugliest thing I have seen in a while. Why why why with the fun fur? oh well.

You got an awesome SP box! :) That pink sock yarn is awesome. I must go take a peek at the Etsy shop. yes yes I must

Very cute picture of the two of you!

Anonymous said...

ooooh lucky! I bought myself that drop spindle this year. And am learning to use it...I really really like it and each time I use it .... it's easier and the outcome is better. You should check out The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, includes dying, spinning and sock's a great book!

g-girl said...

that's so cool you're going to learn how to spin!!! your handdyed stuff looks great! awesome pic of you and sean. :)you mean, you don't want to make one of those furry things for yourself?? lol. exciting about sean's first swimming lesson! :)