Thursday, May 24, 2007

21 Weeks

Sean is 21 weeks old today. It's scary how fast time flies by. Soon, he'll be half a year. That scares me. The mirror self-portraits don't work right now, because we changed the lighting in Sean's room to a fan light, and the light is not strong enough. Until I find an appropriate lamp for Sean's room, right now, we'll have to make do. I'm thinking of bringing up one of the lamps from my office, since I don't really use it all that much, instead of spending money on a new lamp. I can make do without it. Sean needs it. I think I just solved my problem! Oh and the face Sean is making above... it's his new thing. And he knows he's cute.

Today we took a walk this afternoon, and I took this picture when we stopped in the park. Sean loves being in the outdoors. I plan to spend more time with him outside. I took his hat off for the picture, since the only baseball cap we have for him is slightly too big for his face. It's kind of funny. I can't seem to find one a little bit smaller. I think the one I have is 6-12 month size, and his head is not quite in 6 month size yet.

Square number 19, complete. It's the OPAL Hundertwasser colour: 1432 Der Blaue Mond leftovers from Kadi. I love it. I started the yarn at a certain spot, because there was a color in the middle of the colorway that I wanted to avoid. It was a beigey color, wasn't too impressed with it, was hoping that I would get just the greens & blues - and look what I have here... greens & blues. Two of my fave shades right now.

I started square number 20. It'll be done tomorrow. That's for sure. I'm on a roll with the squares. Knitting them pretty fast too. I'm not even using my pattern keeper either, just kinda going with it. And if I can't remember where I am, I just count the stitches.

I'm at 30 items + 2 mental items for the Throw 50 Things Away to Declutter your Mind & Think Clearly. Garbage day is tomorrow, so I'm hoping I find 18 more items to throw out. I'll list all 50 of them once I throw them out.

Tonight I walked over to the local Y to go swimming with Sean since it was sooo hot out today, and I tried to open the doors - locked. I totally forgot that it is Shavuot, a religious Jewish holiday, and the Y is closed. I really wanted to swim. So tomorrow, after Jakob's Bris, I'll be going over to my parents house to go swimming there. Their pool is heated at the same temperature that the Y keeps it at, and I'm hoping by my father turning on the heat pump overnight, it'll get it a bit warmer than 81 degrees.

Still no IK magazine, but that's okay, I don't expect them to have it to me asap! I just called them on Tuesday to find out where my issue had gone. No other interesting mail.

I did photograph my stash today. Photos to come tomorrow. I cannot believe how many skeins of sock yarn I own. Wanna try to even guess how many? It's insane. But I'll show pictures of my entire stash (not in one photo though, lol) tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Like I said before, your blankie is looking great. Great photo of you & Sean.

Drea said...

awe I love the 1st pic of you two... so cute. you look great!

Andrea said...

Is it worse than the 40+ pairs of socks in waiting that I have?

Anonymous said...

That first picture of you two is super cute! You look radiant!

I like the premise of the book you mentioned - so you basically go around the house and find 50 things to throw out, freeing yourself of them?

Barb said...

the pics are so cute :) i'm guessing you have enough too make close too 50 pairs of socks??

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

The blanket is coming along so nicely! I really like that Hunterwasser sock yarn - might have to go and buy more (I got the yellow-y one).

Katie said...

Hmmm.... 34 pairs worth of sock yarn? I just cast on for my irst pair of socks ever and I already have enough sock yarn to make 9 pairs!

g-girl said...

i knew you'd get faster at completing the squares for the blankie! love the face sean is making too!