Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May 1 of 31

I got an awesome package of leftover sock yarn from Suzie today in the mail - thank you Suzie!

I also got an order from both Chapters & Amazon today and last night, and my fave purchase from the two orders was this children's book called That Darn Yarn by Tony Millionaire. Can you believe it? A book about yarn! I'm sooo reading it to Sean whether he likes it or not! What's funny is that Chapters has it for shipping in 24 hours and amazon has it listed that they will ship it to you in 1-3 months. What's up with that?? Of course I ordered it from Chapters!

This is the shirt I wanted to fit into by my birthday. Guess what? I FIT INTO IT NOW! I'm wearing the exact same one in turquoise tomorrow! I'm soo happy! And it's even a little loose now. When I bought it - there was NO WAY I was fitting into it - but it was one of those, if I don't buy it now, when I go back there won't be any at all - and I love it. Well - I fit into it now. 4 months post-pregnancy! Still weight to lose, but on a great track. And it's not even my birthday yet. (Not until June 16th!)

There has been some secret knitting going on. Unfortunately it's not a toy.... I had to find another project to work on for the baby shower this Sunday.

And here is your daily dose of a Sean smile. He does have his cranky overtired moments, but he has more smiles than those, so we're definitely blessed!

I won a contest! I usually never win contests! I won't say I never ever win, but I usually don't! LOL. I won a contest over at Brit Knitter's blog - I started reading her blog because she's knitting the same type of Blankie that I am making for Sean, and hers inspired me. She's the one who was having the contest for those who bombarded Crocs with comments about making clear Crocs so we can show off our knitted socks! I participated, and today - I won! (Thanks to her dog who chose my name!)

I am in love today, with these Yarn Snob Stitch Markers.

So, what I wanted to write yesterday but didnt, the tattoo on my ankle killed, that's why he did it first. Then he did my shoulder, because it didn't hurt as much. The ankle has more bone and thinner skin. Yeah. OUCH. But I endoured it, and I told myself if I can give birth to a baby through my you know what, I can sit through a tattoo. Because to be honest, I really forget how my first tattoo felt, etc. I don't remember it, unfortunately. I got it while I was in London,England, and that whole trip is a blur! My first tattoo, he took a look at it, (I wanted it touched up yesterday) but it's a goner because of the stretch mark underneath it. Nope, the pregnancy didn't stretch it - not one bit. It was JUST under my belly.... but... due to a stretch mark, it's ruined. Apparently according to Jeff, who did my tattoos yesterday, ink doesn't take to stretch marks. Grr... what a bummer. At least that tattoo is hidden by my panties or a bathing suit, so I don't have to worry about anyone but myself or Jamie seeing it.

Today I got some stuff accomplished, and this evening Jamie's friend Daniel & his girlfriend Francesca came over and we went out for dinner for souvlaki and then we came back here and had dessert and watched the Buffalo vs. NY Rangers game. I'm sorry - to anyone who cares - THAT WAS A GOAL that they called safe. It went over the line. We're PISSED off that they disqualified it! We were rooting for Buffalo - and that would have been a tie breaking goal, leading them into overtime. But no... with 13 point something sections left in the game, they called it NO GOAL and the game ended.... still fuming about that one!

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment in the west island with my siblings, whom I'll be picking up from work, so I'm going to do some errands afterwards and then have lunch at my mom's. She loves seeing Sean, so I'll be going by there. Maybe I'll get some knitting done while she entertains Sean! Tomorrow night I'm going knitting, so I get some ME time! I won't go out for long, but it will still be nice to get out of the house.

I have some knitting books I took out of the library I better look through those before they're due (next week and the week after). Boy time flies, when you only have them out for 3 weeks! I think during the summer you can take them out for 6 weeks, if I'm not mistaken. 6 weeks for me is much easier!

I got some baby knits books - I'll post about them tomorrow, and add them to my sidebar library! I may just need a reminder! Mmmm, new books! Delish!

In the spirit of my birthday and early birthday gifts, I just ordered myself a hoodie in cream with this design on it. I can't wait to get it in the mail!


Lisa said...

I do this every time I read your posts...I read them at work and think I posted a comment then I get home and I realize I haven't. Anyway! Congrats on the shirt fitting early! THat is awesome! The book is really cute I've never seen it before.

Congrats on your contest win! i still have knitting books out that were due to the library 19 April. SHHHH! LOL

How did the dentist go?

I didn't know that tattoos with stretch marks under them were ruined. I guess I just thought it was one of those things they could just fix.

FYI this word I have to verify is on crack I can't even read the thing.

g-girl said...

you look great in this pink top! :) it matches your glasses. ;)congrats on winning the contest!