Friday, May 25, 2007

May 25 of 31

This morning we were joking around at Jakob's Brit Milah (Bris/Circumcision) and I was mimicking Sean, who was trying to suck on his thumb. I thought this was a cute photo. Don't you love Sean's conductor's hat?

We had to take a picture of the three new mommies in the family with our boys. It's kinda funny that there is not a single baby girl... Lisa on the right has Oliver, whom will be 1 year old in August (9 months old now). I have Sean (5 months old on Monday). In the middle is new mommy Jennifer with 1 week old Jakob. The boys on my mom's side of the family are such cuties. Adorable little guys! I hope they become good friends~!

Mommy kisses are just the best, aren't they? I definitely agree, but I'm biased!

While waiting for his grandmother & mother to put on their bathing suits for all of us to go swimming, Sean decided that he wants to put everything in sight in his mouth. The monkey was the closest thing. Yep, I have to be careful. EVERYTHING now goes into his mouth.

And we have Sean showing off his synchro skills. He decided it would be fun to put his legs up in the air and show off his moves.

After the Brit Milah, before going back to my parents house, my mom and I stopped off to do a couple of errands. I picked up this thingy at Toys R Us (Babies R Us). It was very reasonably priced (19.99$) and was fantastic. Sean fit into it, though a little small for it (it's meant for 9-24 months, but really, this was the ONLY thing I could find). I love it. Sean loves it. The best 20$ I've spend in a while, and it was a gift (gift card!) I really recommend this to any 6+ month baby. Really. Any smaller than Sean and they'll fall out of it. (My mom went back this evening to buy one to keep at her house - so I don't have to drag mine out whenever I go over and she got the last one. When I bought mine there earlier in the afternoon, there were a bunch! Apparently they're going like hotcakes!) Anyhow, while waiting in line I was looking at the flyer, and saw that the snuggli's were 25% off. Because Sean loves the snuggli, but hates that he HAS to face me, (He's sooo curious of the world around him), I got one that I can wear him facing outwards. I can't wait to try it out. I still plan on selling my Maya Wrap, I've got to list it on Craigslist or something. The Maya wrap was not for Sean, but he did like the Azure wrap, which is too hot for me to wear in the summer. It's black and thick material. (I'll die of heat!)

Here is Sean "lounging" in the pool floating thingy. (No idea what it's called). I love that it has the shade thing, because my doctor says that I can't use sunscreen on him until he's 6 months old. (The pharmacy told me 1 year old, but I'll go with his doctor's opinion). Anyone hear otherwise?? Sean sees his doctor again at 6 and a half months old, so I'll ask her again next appointment, to double check 6 months is the correct answer.

And we were in the pool for over an hour today, and wrinkly everything is what was the results! My hands and feet were wrinkly too! I just loved Sean's feet all wrinkly, double-y cute!

No fun mail to speak of today, and still no IK magazine.

You see, the thumb REALLY is in his mouth. Oh no - I hope we don't have a thumb sucker here. The suss (pacifier) I can control... the thumb, not one bit!

Ok, this is my new fave colorway by Lorna's Laces. Only 1 problem. It seems to be an exclusive colorway that I can't seem to find anywhere.... anyone know where one might be able to snag some? It's called KNIT HAPPENS. Yeah, tried googling it.... out of stock. (Boo!)

Total chill time tomorrow (and possible sleeping in?!). I do have some things on my TO DO list to accomplish. That's the plan. Go nowhere, do nothing. (Ok, maybe a little house work and chores and a little photo editing work (paid work!) Sunday we have Jamie's baseball game in the middle of the afternoon, and since I know people going, I'm going to go check out the game with Sean. It should be fun. I gotta remember to put my camping chair in my trunk.

I did knit a few rows in Sean's blankie today, but no finished square. It was just too beautiful outside and we had to play in the pool!


Andrea said...

I need one of those floaty things. Looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

Knit Happens is only available at It is their exclusive colorway

Barb said...

Sean sure loves the pool, I need too take my girls swimming, they both are little fish LOL That Knit Happens is so pretty, I hope you can get some :)

Summer said...

Very adorable pictures of Sean in the pool.

Jenny said...

I love those pictures of you guys in the pool. He looks like he is having a blast!!

Katie said...

We started using sunscreen on my daughter at 6 mos per her pediatrician. The floaty thing looks like fun but would get much use here in the Pacific NW- the baby pool we go to is heated even in the summer! BTW, send me an email with the details about the maya wrap (picture if you've got one), I'm currently hunting for a sling for #2.

Katie said...

Hmmmm... that should have been "the floaty thing would NOT get much use..." I need a nap :)

Anonymous said...

Knit Happens is the only place I can think of.

Lovely color.

Oh and cute pictures of you and your baby:)

Wendy said...

OOH! I can't wait to take Lani into my inlaws pool! I have been looking for that exact float! I saw it in my parents magazine!

a friend to knit with said...

What a day!
SOOOO sweet!

g-girl said...

aww, look at his pretty eyelashes! he's definitely cute in that conductor hat! beware of paper-my niece absolutely loves paper!! she loves crumpling it up and she loves stickin' it in her mouth!