Monday, May 14, 2007

May 14 of 31

Today Sean & I slept in. He slept through the night, but I think that's because I woke him up before I went to bed, to clean his nose, and give him some more tempra, and he wanted a little snack before falling back asleep. Falling back asleep went quickly, but I feel bad for the little guy, this is his first time being sick, and when he sees the nasal aspirator, the tears come out, before I even use it.... I feel bad, but I have to clean his nose! It's just constantly running and full of fluids!

I hope his cold goes away soon. I wonder if it will affect his 4 month shots tomorrow, he has his (belated) 4 month appointment tomorrow.

This afternoon my sister came on by, and I did 2 errands, which made it easier on me, having her with me. (Returned library books due tomorrow and headed to the pharmacy).

This evening after Post-Natal aqua class I headed home and Sean pretty much fell asleep right away upon my return. My sister left, I ate some dinner, and have been watching House M.D. and knitting. The picture above is Jamie's sock two rows before being able to turn the heel. I'm now ready to turn the heel, and will start that probably now, while I watch some more House M.D. before going to bed for the evening. I need to get up early because of Sean's doctor's appointment, so I won't be staying up late tonight, or I won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning!

Today in the mail I got my order with my Classic Elite Yarn Knitting Patterns, as well as a few other pattern booklets I ordered. I want to swatch very soon for my sweater. I hope I have enough yarn. I have to check my guage and check the yardage on the balls. I have 10 balls, which are not what the pattern calls for, but, the yardage is longer than the balls that the pattern calls for, I'm pretty sure. If I get guage correct, I may have enough. I'll figure it out shortly. I believe the yarn used in the pattern calls for 15 balls for a size Large sweater. (I must knit a large due to my chest area... lol). Anyhow, I am crossing my fingers that I have enough yarn!

I really need to do a yarn inventory one of these days, and see exactly what I have.

I'm on the waiting list for Ravelry.... have you heard about this?

Ok, one more episode of House M.D.!


Barb said...

poor Sean, having a cold sucks :( If he's been sick they won't do his shots tomorrow (at least here in Alberta they won't if the child has been sick 2 weeks prior too the appt, I THINK that's what I was told, Meg was sick and I had too delay her 6 mon. shots by a couple weeks)

Wendy said...

Poor Sean! Lani does the same thing when she sees the aspirator! During her last cold I had to hold her down because she kept knocking my hands away! I feel awful doing that, but I know it helps. That is the only reason that I am willling to! I hope that he starts to feel better soon! I am not sure if he will still be able to get his shots. My doc usually will for a minor cold, but not if the baby has a fever. I think this is because you wont know if it's the shot or the cold.

Knitted Gems said...

Crossing my fingers didn't help in the sweater I am currently knitting, but here's hoping it works for you! At least you are checking beforehand ... perhaps I should have thought of that. I just assumed. =) Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hope Sean is feeling better. My kids never liked the nasal aspirator either. They would cry and scream. I felt so bad when I had do that.

Enjoy your day today.

Jenny said...

Hope Sean is feeling better and I am sure the sleeping in helped. I bet both of you could use the rest!

pahkcah02 said...

How did Sean's visit go?

g-girl said...

you've made huge progress on the second married sock!!