Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 15 of 31

Sean had his 4 month (belated a little) check up today with his doctor. He is still currently in the 50th percentile (meaning 100% average) and he now weighs in at 15 lbs 7 oz. This morning before Jamie left to work we took our guesses - I guessed 15 lbs 4 oz and Jamie's was 16 lbs. Looks like I won! We play these little guessing games all the time. We'll guess a total before checking out our items at the grocery stre for example... it's fun. The winner never actually wins anything, but it's fun.

Sean got his 4 month shots today as well. Even though he did have a cold, he didn't have fever, so she went ahead with it. He cried more during the 2nd shot than the first. That was the beginning to a very rough day.

Since the shots (and tempra that he is on for his cold) knocked him out, I took advantage of him sleeping in his carrier, and wandered to the thrift shop.

I picked up 44 children's books for Sean, for 20$. Almost every single one of these books are in perfect condition. I couldn't believe what I found too - some really great stuff. Can you tell I want Sean to be a reader??

Had a REALLY rough day today, (the screaming started in the car on the way home from the thrift shop), and lasted for just over an hour. Nothing calmed him down. He pushed the bottle away from his mouth, pushing my hand away. I tried swaddling him, rocking him, caressing his forehead, things that usually soothe him.... nothing worked. That was a fun hour. He finally decided that he had enough, and wanted to eat, so that worked, and he fell asleep in my arms for a bit. I was able to then, once Jamie got home from work, put him to sleep in his crib, and Jamie and I watched TV, had dinner and I knitted.

Here is the progress on my sock. I have done more knitting since then though.... I am about 19 rows before decreasing the toes and then grafting shut. I think the above picture is about 20 rows shy of what I've done tonight, since taking the picture. This is the first itme I'm actually using my sock blockers at all! Finally they came out of hiding!

For my SP10 group, I asked them to post a picture or talk about their "knitting spot". Since I asked them to do it, here is my knitting spot:

The couch in my den. Usually there is a cat by my feet, like Zeus is above. I had Jamie take this picture of me this evening. So that's my entry for Contest #5, even though my entry doesn't count for a prize spot. I am just doing it for fun!

I did forget to post the oldest yarn in my stash.... for contest #4. I realized this evening backtracking through my posts, that I forgot to do it! I have this merino yarn that I got on ebay still in my stash.... I've had it since December 2005. No idea what to do with it... but... it's sitting there... it's a little flashy if you ask me. Too bad this isn't sock yarn!

I'm hoping Sean feels better tomorrow, we're off to do a ton of errands, I need to tackle my to do list! I'm meeting up with my mom for a while, and she will be helping me out on my errands and doing some of her own.

Still no sign of my Interweave Knits issue in the mail. I called last week, and the girl said that if it doesn't arrive this week, they'll send me out another copy. I'll wait until Friday, and if no show, I'm calling them before they close on Friday. They've already extended my subscription, because it was supposed to start last issue, and I never got that either! I'm kind of ticked off.

I called our local newspaper today to find out why they upped the price of my subscription by 4$ per month. The girl who answered was able to offer me half of that gone, so it was lowered by 2$ and she was able to send me a 20$ gift card to the local grocery store. However, in speaking to some people afterwards, and them getting a lower rate, I think I'm going to call back in a few days and threaten to cancel my subscription and see if they can lower it anymore. I don't believe that the only way they could give me a lowered rate is if someone was a student in the house. I don't buy that. Not one bit. There has got to be something they can do for me. I don't even read the paper. Jamie reads the sports section every morning.... so that's why we get the paper.

So it's official. I'll be in Toronto from Thursday, May 24th until Saturday May 26th, attending the Yarn Harlot event at the Indigo books on May 25th, and meeting up with some "virtual" knitting friends, whom will become "real" people ... and not just blogs anymore! I'll also be in Boston/Northampton from Tuesday, May 29th, until Thursday, May 31st, 2007, attending the Webs Event, also with the Yarn Harlot. I have a ton of people in my SP10 group that I will get to meet down at Webs, and also my mom wants to go shopping in Lee, MA and Northampton. Apparently there is REALLY good shopping. Plus, any excuse for her to spend 3 days with her grandson. So if you are going to be at either event, please let me know! I'd love to meet you!


Andrea said...

I haven't recieved my Interweave yet either. I'm eagerly watching my mailbox.

Barb said...

I hope you get your Interweave soon, I bought my copy yesterday, I was actually buying a diffrent magazine and when I got too the till, the cashier was unpacking them LOL (the only place that carries it is one of those little smoke shops that only carry mags and cigs in malls)I hope Sean's feeling better for you

Dianne said...

I hope sweet Sean is feeling better today. Toronto! Boston! I've never been to either place, and am totally jealous! I'd love to be able to do either event. The HARLOT! WOW! You've got to post pictures!

Indie Mama said...

awesome deal with the books!

hope you have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten my Interweave either. My friend had huge problems with her subscription and I've had some minor ones also. They've also said they will extend my subscription. We'll see if that actually happens.

Maybe it's because we're in Canada but I don't think I've ever subscribed to a magazine (I currently have four subscriptions) and had it go smoothly.

Katie said...

I hope you get IK soon- I bought a copy at my knitting group last week- I thought it was a great issue (I didn't buy the last one becasue i did nothing for me).

g-girl said...

that's my favorite thing to look at when I'm thrift shopping-children's books! I got a ton when I used to teach preschool. I'm so sad I won't be in the Boston area to meet you when you're there! :(