Monday, May 07, 2007

May 7 of 31

I was going to post today an updated picutre of my tulips in the front of my house.
Except someone ransacked my garden this morning~ or late last night.

They cut off (clean scissor cut) all the bulbs of my tulips. Not even the stems too, as if to put them in a vase in their house. They cut off just the bulbs on top! (is that what they are called? bulbs? The part that blooms open?)

They left 1. From about 8. I'm soo pissed!I'm posting about it tonight.


I know I said I hate flowers. I do. When you have to buy them, because they die two or three days later, or my cats eat them before they die. (Yep, I've got strange cats).

Anyhow, I'm upset that someone went onto my property (the tulips are closed in by bushes, so they'd have to of pushed the bushes to the side to get into my "garden area" (which consists of those 8 tulips.

I don't know if it was a random case, by some random kids in the neighborhood, I don't know if it was my tenant, but I'm going to ask her about it the next time I see her (I try to avoid her, because I can't wait until she moves out!), or if it was one of the neighbors (didn't do anything to any of them to piss them off though) or maybe my tenant pissed someone off? Or maybe it was my stalker? (From last year). But that I highly doubt (the last one) for some reason.

On the image above and below, you can see the clean cut on the stems. This flower above is the one one left. I had red, yellow & pink tulips from last year.


Even more evidence....

And the last of the evidence....

So help me g-d if I find out who did this... this is trespassing.

This morning I got an order of cascade. I got 5 skeins of each color. The white is for dying. Not sure what color yet. The Quatro, I think is for a full size Clapotis. I think. Maybe. We'll see.

I also received my stitch markers from KnitWit Momma - Jennifer, who is also an SP10 Hostess. Aren't they GORGEOUS! Wow! She makes some wonderful stitch markers!

I also received this mini package in the mail from my wonderful Secret Pal 10 buddy, who sent some "leftover" sock yarn for Sean's blankie, as well as some lovely green stitch markers (you all know how much I heart stitch markers!) Thank you so much SP - Sean's blankie is going to love it!

I picked up this today while out with my sister. It just makes me not want to do chores even more! As long as the kids are happy - who cares if you have cleaning to do!

And lastly, your daily dose of smiles. Oh wow, this kid is loved to pieces. He got spoiled by mommy tonight with some new toys, new books, and cute little slippers. Yep, this kid has more shoes than mommy owns! I swear! This kid made my day all better.

To comment again - whomever left the anonymous comment on my blog surely is a coward for not leaving their name. I hope they are bowing their tail between their legs and walking off in shame. Really. You are a huge time loser. And I don't care that I allow anonymous comments on my blog - they amuse me. I have my blog open to whomever wants to comment because there are some of my friends who do not have blogger accounts, and need the field to type in their name and weblog. So I cannot eliminate this. I need friendly accessibility to my blog. But I sure find it freakin' hysterical that you are not able to leave a name with your comment. I have my assumptions of whom left that comment, so you better watch over your shoulder ... yeah you - Anonymous person. Karma.... baby... karma. It'll bite you back in the arse for being so cruel for absolutely no reason. Because you know why? The person who received the hand crafted gifts, absolutely loved the items. Why don't you go ask her yourself. Her blog is here.

I went to post-natal aqua tonight, and found out that the class may be cancelled by the end of May if people don't start showing up. (Last week, when I didn't go due to my friend Aunt Flo, no one showed up). Tonight, it was just myself and this new girl Edweena, who was trying out the class for the first time, 14 weeks pregnant. However, I don't know if we'll see her again, apparently she doesn't know how to swim, so that is a probably when we do the deep end stuff on the noodles. So I had thought the program was going to run until at least St. Jean Baptiste weekend in June (the week after my birthday), but it's probably not going to. Even more of a reason to be upset with the local Y, and want to cancel my membership. I will find out soon what is happening with that, but thank goodness my parents have a pool.

Sean's swim lesson for tomorrow - it's being postponned until Friday. So you'll have to wait until then to see the little guy in his bathing suit.

Not a single stitch got knit today, I'm hoping for some knitting in the park tomorrow afternoon after I get some errands done. I'm meeting up with Kadi.

I'm all done my mother's day shopping, and I've gotten a gift for my mother & my step-mother-in-law. I'm doing brunch with my in-laws on Sunday morning, and dinner at my parents house Sunday night. This will be my very first mother's day, and I'm very excited about that.

To all of those whom commented on my blog today, thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Some of you, I've emailed back a thank you - but there are some people whom have de-lurked, and I don't have a contact email to email you back - so I thank you for your comments. Glad to know there are people out there who appreciate handknit goods.

Alright, I'm zonked from a late night last night of staying up late and getting up early today (did get a little mini nap in this morning), and aqua, and a walk with my sister & Sean tonight, so I'm going to hit the sack.

Oh - before I go - I forgot to mention, the other night, I don't think it was last night, I think it was the night before, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I picked up Sean from the spot he crawled to, and put him back in the "start" spot in the crib, and I felt he had a soaked diaper, it was really heavy. I cannot believe that I was able to change his diaper and put him back in his crib, and he did not wake up. Wow. I guess he's a heavy sleeper. Not like me. I'm a very light sleeper. Everything wakes me up.

Oh oh oh - I have one more thing to say. Thank you so much Kathy for hosting a blogaversary contest, apparently I was the 127th commenter on her blog. Was it today or yesterday that was the 127th day of the year, and she picked the 127th comment on her blog to win! Just what I needed to not think about tacky comments & flower tormentors.


Laura said...

You know, squirrels do that. They think the tulips are tasty, then bite into them (right there!!) and then spit them out. it looks like squirrel work to me. My parents have that problem EVERY single year, but they insist on letting the tulips stay. I heard that there's a way to deter this by planting a marigold in there,and leting the tulip grow through the marigold, but I"m not sure.

and if it was a person....That is seriously derranged.

Andrea said...

Rabbits bite the heads off tulips to. My step-mom has problems with that and it leaves a really clean cut.

Barb said...

your poor flowers!! holy sh*t you had a stalker?? the Cascade Quatro is really pretty :)

Dianne said...

I stopped planting tulips because the rabbits always ate them just when they were the prettiest. Stupid long-ear, fuzzy tail rodents! Don't get me wrong, I love rabbits, even plant extra peas & carrots & lettuce for them in the garden, but eating tulips is going TOO FAR!

I have to add my two cents worth about the anonymous coward. I think it is soooo sad when I go to a baby shower where the mom-to-be doesn't get a single hand-made gift. It means that no one took the time to knit/crochet/quilt or whatever the love and good wishes into the gift that every baby needs. Anyone can go out an buy stuff, and I'm sure it is appreciated, but it just isn't the same. Am I right?

kristo said...

Weird about your flowers... My Mom has had lawn ornaments stolen from her yard, but actual FLOWERS??? Maybe it was kids?
Anyway... your handmade baby gifts are adorable... the recipient is a very lucky mom (and a very lucky baby)

Lacey said...

Crazy tulip problem.

And thanks for coming by my blog too. I don't think any of that yarn you saw was from Etsy, I had been shopping on Ebay and the Loopy Ewe. You can find Yarn Pirate in a number of places, but she's hard to catch in stock. I googled her blog and found links to the shops that carry her yarns. I cannot for the life of me remember the link, but just google it really quickly and you'll find her. :D

Robin said...

I can't believe the tulip story!

I agree totally with the happy kids, dirty dishes thing - dirty dishes can wait, having fun (either with your kids or your spouse or friends) can't!!

I had a friend once who gave me a hassle about reorganizing my bathroom makeup drawer (she is a cosmetic artist so this is her big focus) and I finally said to her - you know, I guess I could be doing that right now, but I chose to hang out with you tonight instead!!

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

I hope it is a critter and not a weirdo who distroyed your tulips!

Those stitch markers are so cute - lucky girl you!

I hope that mean, annonymous person is ashamed!

g-girl said...

gosh, did you find out yet who might've done that to your tulips? that's so random! I really hope that it wasn't anyone though--like Laura said, maybe it was a squirrel. :)