Friday, May 18, 2007

May 18 of 31

Today Sean and I did a LOT of sleeping. Jamie fed Sean this morning before working on his computer, and after Sean ate, we napped in my bed for about half an hour. We got up for a little bit, Sean ate some more, and then we went into the den. I finished watching an episode of House MD that I started earlier, (yesterday maybe), and then we both fell asleep from about 10:30 am until about 2:30 pm. We both needed the much needed nap!

We chilled the rest of the afternoon, I watched a bit more House MD, and then we headed off to my in-laws for some lasagna and salad (with my mother-in-law's dressing)... Mmmmm.. This has to be my fave meal in the whole entire world. And the lasagna was Whole Wheat, so it was great! (For my "diet")....

I cannot for the life of me understand why this picture above is not clear. It looked pretty clear to me when I took it. And the other 3 snaps I took, my nephew's eyes were closed, so this was the best shot. It's cute, but not the greatest pic, if you ask my "professional" opinion. It was really good to see my nephew, he's getting SOOO big. He'll be 5 in November. The last time I saw Merlyn and my sister-in-law Andrea was back in January, when Sean was 2 weeks and a bit old (for his bris they came in). I'm just still in shock how big he is! I wonder if he will stay with us for 2 weeks this summer again, like he's done for the past two years, during the construction holiday.
Here is Sean chillin' with his daddy at my in-laws.

Day 2 of Barley cereal going good. If all goes as planned (no rashes or anything) we'll try Oatmeal in a few days. His doctor said to try 3 full days of one before switching to the other. What has other people done? 3 days? One week? Something else?? After I go through a range of cereals, in about a month or so, I plan on introducing butternyt squash, pees, apples & strawberries, etc... I picked up some Heinz Organic jars. I want to not give him from the jars, but I figured that I'm not going to make purees in batch, for Sean to hate them, so I figured I'd try it out (organic) in a jar first, and then if he likes them, then make it in batch. I can try anything but 4 things that must wait until he's 6 months old, as his body can't handle them. Those four things are: - Beets - Turnip - Carrots & - Potato. Those will have to wait another month and a half... but that's okay, we've got plenty of other things to try beforehand.

No IK magazine again today. I didn't call them like I said I would because I was sleeping. I will call them on Monday, since they're in the USA and the holiday we have here is only Canadian. Monday is Victoria Day. Nice long weekend. Jamie even has Monday off, which will be nice. The girl said that if I don't receive it by the end of the week to call them. They'll send me another issue. I'm almost tempted to tell them to extend my subscription and I'll go buy it in the store, I don't want to wait any longer. You know?? And they've already extended my subscription by 1 issue, because I was supposed to start with the Spring issue, and never got it in the mail. I have the girl's name of whom I spoke to, so if anything that could help me out.

What else? I've knit a few rows on Jamie's sock, and I'm planning to go watch a little more House MD as soon as Sean finished his bottle that he's drinking now, (I'm getting very good at typing with one hand!) I'm super speedy at typing with two, but with one, I'm getting good.... Multi-tasking! It's great.

So I've misplaced Knitting Under the Influence, and I'm a good halfway into that book. I cannot seem to find where I put it. I'd like to finish it. I have a bumch of other books that I want to read, but have not wanted to read 2 books at the same time. I am sure it will turn up when I'm NOT looking for it. If I don't find it by the end of the weekend, I'll start another book. What a bummer. Hopefully I'll find it though.

This weekend is for vegging out, and I have some graphic work to do, as well as a photography job I took on (re-touching up some old photos digitally). It's a big job, and I want to finish it as soon as possible. But other than that... total just hanging out. That's what tomorrow is all about. Sunday we're seeing Jamie's mom and her wife, and for dinner we're going over to my parents house. But still, that's relaxing as well!


Anonymous said...

hi Robyn,

I can see where Sean gets his lip curl from. His Daddy!! Great pictures. Isn't it nice when babies let you sleep for a long period of time.

Andrea said...

If you don't find your Knitting Under the Influence, you're welcome to my copy. I don't think I would read it again.

g-girl said...

i wonder where your IK went..that's so weird that it hasn't arrived yet. hopefully it shows up soon!

Creative Genius? said...

Yeah I made his puree in batches... I bought about $45 in organic veggies (one bag of carrots, 6 apples, 6 pears, 6 peaches, one butternut squash, one bag of sweet potatoes, one bag of dried prunes, one yellow squash, one zucchini, one avacodo, and then one bag each of frozen peas and carrots) and each night I'd make another batch - freezing them in ice cube trays... and in the morning pop the cubes out and store them in zip-lock bags to do it again.

It's worked like a champ and he loves it all. I was too afraid to start with jar food as store bought food ALWAYS tasted better to me that the stuff my mother made (but don't tell her that!) So I was afraid that he wouldn't go back to homemade if he had jar food first...

Go to and download the baby recipe book (on the left of the page) - I used it for Avi and it rocks!!!

No matter what you do he'll be fine - it's so much fun!!!

Avi's done all the veggie listed above -- in a few days we're on to fruit!

Maggie said...

ahhhh, sleep! How wonderful it is! You never realize until it's gone. It's nice to catch up when you can get a few minutes.

Your nephew is a cutie!

As for new foods we started with 4 days then went to 3. Oliver has never had a reaction to anything we've given him - and he's had LOTS of stuff. I hope you'll be as lucky with Sean!