Saturday, May 05, 2007


This past week I linked a post called And It Makes Three.... stating that a year ago that day, I found out I was pregnant with Sean! As much as I miss being pregnant, I am definitely not pregnant again! Don't be silly my friends! I know that it takes at least 16 months for my body to rejeuvnate itself for a pregnancy. I want my next child to have my body 100% for the pregnancy. We want to enjoy Sean. We want to have at least a 2 year gap before the next child. I want to establish my career/business before a next child. Sean will definitely have a brother or sister in the future, but it won't be in 2007 or even 2008. If anything we'll think about 2009!

Plus my friends, aunt flo' is here this week... definitely not preggers!

I've gotten 2 comments this week congratulating me on a brother and sister for Sean, so I am sorry to disappoint you all! You'll have to deal with a daily dose of smiles from just Sean for the time being! He doesn't mind being the center of attention!


Anonymous said...

The pregnancy post showed up in bloglines, so maybe that is why some people though you were pregnant again...and I'll admit I was almost ready to congratulate you too until I saw the title And It Makes Three!!! I hope you are having a nice weekend so far!

Summer said...

Sean is just to adorable. I can't wait to what the secret project is. Enjoy the rest of Sunday.