Sunday, May 27, 2007

May 27 of 31

My mom bought Sean this onesie on Friday. It fits him right now, because it shrunk a little in the wash when I washed it. Or rather, it shrunk in the dryer probably. It won't last very long on him. He'll out grow it any minute. LOL. It's cute though. Grandma & Grandpa spoiled me. (Oh well, I'll put it away for the next child).

Tonight I went over to my parent house for dinner. At the end of the evening Sean fell asleep on my mother. He looks so cozy. I didn't want to move him, but we did have to go home. Apparently I used to sleep on my parents like this. Cute.

Stuff -

Sean's blankie has 2 new finished squares that I haven't posted yet. That will be shown tomorrow in my WIP's and Stash Post for my SP10 group contest, and the contest for Kerry's group (the group I'm in for Sp10!). Lookout tomorrow for that.

I knit a few rows this evening on my Column of Leaves scarf, while watching Happy Feet at my parents house. Still not fond of that movie. It was just... "eh"....

Marisol, in my SP10 group is having a contest on her blog. Leave her the 520th comment on her blog, and you could win a prize! Contests are so much fun, I thought I'd share the contest with you. She's announcing the winner on Wednesday. I'll be away with my mom, Sean & my grandmother from Tuesday-Thursday/Friday, but my hotel has free high speed internet in each room, so I'll be able to check out who wins! Be sure to go enter her contest!

My joints are killing me. It's raining outside. I hate it when it rains, because of this.

I thought Bold and Spicy Deli Mustard didn't exist anymore. I couldn't find it at my local grocery store anymore, nor at Walmart, where I used to be able to find it in the past. It hasn't been stocked in months. Tonight, while my mom was picking up dinner for the BBQ, she found it at her local grocery store, so she picked me up a bottle. It was on my list of things to look for when I am in the USA next week. So happy I can find it locally now! I was getting sick of regular mustard! I like the tangy taste of the Bold and Spicy!

Today I backed up almost all the files on my PC. I just have a few more to go, and then my computer is ready for a reformatting this week while I'm out of town. I can't wait for my PC to run a LOT faster!

I even got my Creative Labs Nomad to work with my PC today. I've been struggling for a few weeks now (even with Creative Lab's help) to get my files transferred. I had some new songs in MP3 format to transfer. I was soooo happy today when it finally worked!

I'm addicted to:
- Corn on the Cob flavored popcorn
- The James Blunt CD
- House, MD (Tv series)
Ok, it's almost midnight. I'm working on going to bed early. Must go to sleep!


Anonymous said...

That's a cute picture of Sean with your mom - she is cute and looks young!

Corn on the Cob popcorn - I don't know if we have that around here but it sounds yummy!

I love James Blunt too.

Anonymous said...

Your little guy is so darling! I wish my little guy was this small again. Or if the lord grants my wish maybe I can do all over again!

Hey thanks for linking over to me thats pretty cool:)

Oh and I can't wait to see your column of leaves scarf in your WIPs list.

Summer said...

Cute pictures! The way Sean is sleeping on your Mom. All 3 of my kids used to sleep like that on me.

Celena said...

We love to watch House too. That's our favorite show around here .... that and Bones. I can't get over how much yarn you have woman! Holy cow! I know who to call if the world ever runs out of yarn .. ha ha!
Have fun on your trip!

g-girl said...

cute pic of Sean sleeping on your mom! :)