Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 20 of 31

Square number 13 done. It's the middle square on the top row (blue & green). I love the yarn. (No idea what it is...) (But I'm going to email the person I think it's from to ask them what it is.... or I could go back into my blog posts to see if I photographed the package whom I think it's from, to see if it's from them, and ask them) (Have I lost you?)(Yeah, I forgot to photograph 1 or 2 of the leftover sock yarn packages I got in the mail, and I apologize for that, so I am soo sorry to those people whom sent me, and their package got forgotten about). So sorry. Anyhow, if you recognize that yarn, do let me know... I'm dying to know what it is! (I think it's from Amanda in my SP10 group). (Amanda whom I can't wait to meet at the Harlot Webs Event!)

Sean absolutely love his RaZ-berry teether. He now can take it out of his mouth, and put it back in on his own. He's also doing everything now with two hands, he's learned that he can use them both to do something, and it works! He's such a cutie! And boy is he teething...! Waiting for that first tooth to come in now!

Tonight at dinner (well after dinner), Sean was starring at the bowl of watermelon, so I let him suck on one. He really liked it. He also tried Oatmeal for the first time today, and we'll go on Oatmeal for a few days before trying out Mixed Cereal. That's the next one I'm trying. The watermelon, that's because he was starring at us all eating it, and he really really really wanted to try some. (And please keep your comments to yourself if you think it was wrong for me to let him try watermelon, it really wasn't much. And if you're going to comment about the watermelon, you might as well comment about the popsicle I let him try a few weeks ago, on a hot day, when he was starring at me eating mine (it was diet snapple popsicle, with no sugar, so I allowed it)). Look at his finger grip on my hand, I had to fight to take the watermelon piece away from him. He wanted to suck more juice out of it! Sean really really likes watermelon!

He also got to play in Bubbie's (grandmother in Yiddish) toy drawer, and as you can see there aren't very many toys in the drawer right now, because half of them had been taken out already. This kid doesn't even live there and he is completely spoiled by his grandparents!

After a scream fit, because he didn't want to be strapped into his car seat to go home tonight, he fell asleep in it on the way home. I had to take a picture, because he was just too cute. My grandmother (dad's mom) called me upon getting home herself, as she was worried that he was still screaming. I told her not to worry - that he's a baby, that babies cry, and she just didn't understand what I did to make him cry. I didn't do anything! He just doesn't like to be strapped into his car seat, plus he was over tired (he did get a nice nap for a few hours this afternoon with me on the couch), but she didn't understand why he was crying. She was glad to hear that he stopped screaming and that he was asleep.

I have been feeling REALLY tired lately. Overly tired. I'm going to ask my doctor on Tuesday, but I don't understand it. I'm getting enough sleep during the night (at least 8 hours or more) but I'm sleeping rediculously during the days lately. It's unreal. I've never napped so much in my life. Has this happened to anyone else 4-5 months post-pregnancy? Maybe my doctor has some insight. I'm also going to mentioned the extreme amount of hair clumps each time I shower. I have heard of other women having this same problem after having a baby. I wonder how long it's going to last.... thank goodness I have thick enough hair...! Today I got a 3 hour nap on the couch, 2 hours with Sean, and 1 by myself after Sean got up (Jamie took him so I could nap a bit more), and I swear I could have napped more if we didn't go to my parents for dinner. Is this normal? Weird.

Nothing else really going on here. Have some Etsy orders to do and mail as soon as the post office opens next.

Tomorrow if it's nice, I'd like to go on a picnic with my two boys, and if it's raining, have Jamie do some handy stuff around the house. I'd also like Jamie to take the couch that is taking up space in the basement out of the house. Before I stub my foot on it again...! It's a holiday here tomorrow, Victoria Day. Hope all those on Holiday have a nice day off!

Off to start square number 14 to connect more squares to the main blanket, and watch more Season 2 of House MD.


Summer said...

I love the picture of Sean eating the watermelon, it's too cute. Don't worry about that, watermelon is mostly water. Sean's blankie is coming along great.

Drea said...

he is prob ok eating the watermelon but i do hear you should never give a small baby strawberries until 1 year :-)

glad he likes the teether

Amanda said...

Hmm. That one may or may not be mine - I did send you some blue & green, it may have just photographed brighter. (?) If so, I think that's from Briar Rose Fibers, merino leftover from the sock pattern I did/test knit for them...anyway, the blankie is turning out super cute!

Can't wait to meet you next week!

IrishGirl said...

Sean's loving that watermelon. I have a pic of my son face planted in a BIG watermelon (cut in half). Who can resist? Oh, the hair thing? It happened to me too and the Doctor told me to take a super B vitamin complex (Walmart). Sure enough, the hair stopped falling out in under a month. It's frightening though, I know.

P.S. When my daughter was about 6 or seven months she would try to get my straw from my soda cups and lo and behold one day she was suddenly very still...she had figured out the straw and was drinking my Sprite! Ce la vie! (btw she's is alive and well ;)

Maggie said...

Babies love to try what you are eating. I figure as long as it's not pure sugar then it's ok. Oliver has had popsicles and ice cream and whipped cream and well some healthy stuff too, but the point is that he's ok! We just give him a taste so that he can experience different flavors.

Sean's blankie is so pretty (in a very masculine sort of way)I'm always excited to see the new squares and now look how many are hooked together! It's so exciting!

Oliver screamed when we put him in the car seat for a while. After a few times I realized it was because the straps needed to be moved because he'd grown so much. Maybe you could check that? After I moved them he was fine.

The hair falling out and being tired a lot is normal, I think. If you think about how much sleep you lost those first few months - you're just trying to catch up now.

Sorry this comment is so long!

Dianne said...

How can watermelon be bad for a baby??? It's all water! Look how big his eyes are in that picture! The blankie is looking great.

Ali P said...

I'd be more apt to comment about and infant ingesting a diet product (aspartame is very very bad)than sweet juicy fruit!! I have a picture of Cameron attacking the speacial cake for his christening party at 6 months of age. He liked the whipped cream on top...LOL
Yay Seanie!! Oh gosh he is so very beautiful. And growing so fast.
Freezies are awesome for teething time. Cold on the gums and refreezable unless a wee tooth pops the plastic. Frozen facecloths are good too.
Hairloss, caused by the major hormonal fluctuations. It all straightens out eventually. At Sean's age Ben was yanking my hair out in tiny handfuls so I got it cut short. Not that YOU should...thats just how I dealt with it. Vitamins sure can't hurt unless there are concerns about it coming through the breastmilk.
Love your posts.

g-girl said...

looks like you've got another watermelon lover in your house! ;)

Robin said...

Oh geez - do people really give unsolicited comments about watermelon? That kind of thing would drive me crazy!