Saturday, May 26, 2007

50 Things

Throw 50 Things Away to Declutter your Mind & Think Clearly. I've thrown out 50 items. 47 physical items and 3 mental items. It was REALLY hard to throw out 47 physical items. It's easier to throw out trash (plastic wrapper, food wrapper, daily newspaperthat kind of thing... ) Some items I threw out more than 1 of the same item, but it counts as only 1. Some items are gone in the trash yesterday already, and the rest will go out on Tuesday's garbage day, but they're already bundled up in garbage bags ready to go. It feels REALLY good to declutter, let me tell you!

1. candles
2. formula scoopers (from Sean's formula containors - I thought they'd be handy for some art project)
3. magnets
4. comb (I'm a brush girl!)
5. coasters
6. vase
7. nail files
8. expired medication
9. face cream
10. cheese grater
11. light for closet
12. foot scrapper
13. prenatal vitamins (won't be good for next pregnancy)
14. cheap picture frame
15. hair accessories
16. stained towel
17. bottle nipples that don’t fit any of our bottles
18. entire Dogs in Canada magazine subscription (we don't even own a dog)
19. plastic cutlery
20. fortune cookies
21. shot glasses
22. ugly deck of cards
23. hair conditioner I wont ever use
24. man's deoderant jamie wont use
25. vhs tapes
26. torn pjamas
27. expired film
28. 1 earring (other missing)
29. broken chest to hold thing
30. pens/markers that don't work
31. measuring spoons
32. ugly cookware we got as a wedding present, too ugly to regift
33. scrapbooking supplies I'll never use
34. small knives that have no use
35. box of tea I don’t like
36. hand soap from the kitchen
37. old clothing rags I'll never use
38. some blank journals I'll never use
39. face cleanser I don’t like the smell of
40. a flashlight
41. present gift labels
42. some boxes I thought would be good for shipping
43. ink stamps I'll never use
44. post it notes that I don’t like (free ones from suppliers)
45. balloons I'll never use
46. a calendar I'm not using
47. an old cell phone

48. being late most of the time
49. the F word
50. bad sleeping habits

Are you throwing out 50 items? If so, let me see your list!


kristo said...

I was inspired by your list and decided to take the challenge! :-)

g-girl said...

this is an awesome idea! I saw a lot of things on your list that should be thrown out of our house too. I'm gonna have to think about the 50 things that need to go first before I start listing and throwing!