Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May 2 of 31

Today I'm wearing the same shirt as yesterday, but in turquoise. I love it. I can't believe I fit into it so nicely! I'm very proud of my weight loss progress... the belly is going down! Still a little bit of flab from the pregnancy, but now it's a matter of tightening my stomach muscles. I'm getting there, slowly but surely. But not tonight, I'm PMSing and eating some After Eights! Mmmm Mint!

This morning I went to the dentist. Yes, my dentist is a children's dentist. And as long as they will accept me as a patient there, I will continue going. I am sure Sean & I will both go to the same dentist eventually... why not. I hate the dentist, but I like this dentist. It's the only office I've ever gone to for dentist stuff, (except for when it came to wisdom teeth out, etc, I was sent to someone else), but I have always been to this office, since I've had teeth. The dentist in this office has changed though. I used to go see Dr. E. Except a bunch of years ago, he fled the country due to some fraud he was doing. So now, I go to Dr. K. Dr. K is amazing. I like him. He makes me feel comfortable being at the dentist. Because as I said before, I hate the dentist.

Yep, he even has a giraffe painted on the wall! This is the view from the waiting room!

Guess what? NO CAVITIES! Never have, and never hope to have! I'm a good girl! I take very good care of my teeth.

Sean & I waiting for my siblings to be done their turn at the dentist. We all went together, much easier that way. This way, I had someone to hold Sean while I was in the dentist chair! Worked out great for me!

And your daily dose of Sean smiles is brought to you by the letter C. (Only because there is a letter C in the picture on the bumper pad of my mom's bumper in the crib my parents have set up at their house in one of the extra bedrooms)

Tonight I went to my local SNB, and had a good time. I brought Sean with this time, since my cousin Jenn was there. She wanted to see him, and tonight was her last SNB before she becomes a mother. She's due in about 3 weeks (May 23rd), but the baby may be born early due to her gestational diabetes & by C-section because he is still currently Breech. I can't wait to meet my little 2nd cousin - he'll be here before we all know it! (Jenn - I'm very excited for Sean to have a cousin near his age!) *** I cast on Square numebr 11 or is it 12? I'll have to count tomorrow tonight while at the knitting meet-up, and got to knit a few rows. I was going to work on the secret project, until Jenn called me up at 3 ish pm to let me know she was coming tonight. So, that didn't allow me to work on said secret project, because it's for her baby shower on Sunday.

Tonight while at the SNB I got my copy of the Steppin' Out Sock booklet. You see, back in August 2006 I knit a sock for JCA inc, in Mrs. Hunter's Pattern. It's the green socks in the booklet. I've fallen in love with all the other patterns in this booklet as well, and I'm very excited to own a copy (signed by Mona Schmidt nonetheless) and ready to knit up some socks. The patterns are designed for Reynolds Soft Sea Wool - which is also sold by AriadneKnits, which is where I bought the pattern book from, for a nice 11$. This works out to just over 1$ a pattern. What a great buy! I can't wait to knit some socks. If you're looking for some new sock patterns, I definitely recommend this book!)

I got a package today from Tori in the mail - she sent along some leftover sock yarn for Sean's blankie, (but the ones with the pink in it will be used for the larger version of Sean's blankie - which I intend to someday make). I'm trying to avoid as much pink as possible for Sean's blankie - which is a boy blankie! Thank you Tori for the yarn bits, and the extra goodies for being her hostess! She sent along some chocolate & some Bath & Body Work Shower Gel - in one of my fave scents - Raspberry! We don't have Bath & Body Works here in Canada, and I just love their stuff! Wasn't that nice of her? Just because I'm her hostess! That made my day!

Some random things on my mind...

I noticed/realized today, that all my three tattoos (My cherries on my shoulder, my knitting tattoo on my ankle & my Canadian maple leaf on my .... stomach/area covered by panties - no idea what to call it?) are ALL three on the right side of my body. I wonder how that happened, because it certainly was not intentional to be like that. But I kind of find it ironic.

Upon returning home from the SNB, I worked on the secret knitting project, and I'm almost done part 1 of it. I have until Sunday, so I'm not worried. I was forced into watching Monday night's episode of Heroes because the guy's in Jamie's office want to talk about it and can't because Jamie has not seen it yet. I told Jamie he cannot watch it without me, so I took care of a couple of things like some of Sean's laundry, and washed all of Sean's bottles so he has clean bottles tomorrow, and then we sat down to watch Heroes. All I have to say is OH MY GOD! What an episode. I'm still in awe. I can't wait to see how the season ends, there's just a few episodes left. In other TV news, Jamie & I are still behind on Sopranos, 24, Lost and I think that's all now, by 1 episode. We'll eventually get to it before the next episode is on. You see, Hockey takes priority first, and then regular scheduled shows. Playoff season is the most religious part of the hockey season, and it's toooooooo damn bad that the Habs didn't make the playoffs, or that level of religiousness would be brought to the next level! Due to the fact that we have a newborn, it's probably a good idea that they are not in the playoffs this year. (Just kidding!)

Alright, I need to go check on the laundry, and do a few more things before I can even think about closing my eyes and falling off into la-la land of wonderful dreams. Tomorrow, yarn dying. I can't wait to test out some techniques. I've never dyed yarn before. This should definitely be quite the experience.

Another thing? Before I go... Sean needs naps. On days where I run around doing errands - he doesn't nap. (Okay for maybe 10-20 minutes in the car while I'm driving)... Today he didn't nap at all .... except for 20 minutes en route home at the end of the day. Oh, and for 15 minutes while I was walking around Chapters looking at books, he slept in the snugli. By the end of the evening, he was overtired and CRANKY. I do not like a cranky Sean. It's an ugly sight I choose to avoid. Tomorrow, he will be taking proper naps, and hopefully everyday thereafter until he's old enough to not nap anymore! Naps are good. Even for me! I need a break. And some shut-eye too sometimes!



Andrea said...

Monday's Heroes was very good. I think there are only 3 episodes left this season. It's so good.

Lisa said...

I watched a few of the first episodes of Heroes, but nothing after that. My husband loves that show, but they don't have it where he is so he gets to play catch up on all the shows he missed! :)
You go to a childrens dentist? I bet that is fun! More fun than a regular dentist. *sighs* I have to admit though I like going so it isn't a big deal for me.
Awesome on your weight loss! That shirt is really cute.

Drea said...

you look great. the stomach muscles will tighten with time. I found they did pretty good getting back to normal just lifting Caleb haha. he was so heavy that was a workout all itself. but I did pilates on the side to help.
I stll have a puffy-buldge left from Taite... I recovered quicker with him but the tummy isnt going down nearly as fast!

Lora said...

Very cool tattoos a couple post ago. I have three myself and they are all on the left side of my body. So together we even things out LMAO!!
OMG the daily dose of smiles is just too much!! Precious!!!

Jennifer Lori said...

I can't get over how skinny you are in all the photos. You look great! I think I've been to that dentist LOL. p.s. the Maple leaf tattoo...I guess you can call it your "bikini line" tat.

g-girl said...

that is so funny that you go to a children's dentist-I'm sure it's more fun than going to a regular dentist--@ least the decor is more fun. :) love the top and congrats for getting into it sooner than you expected you would! :) thanks for the link to the sock book too. :) hope sean naps!

Barb said...

I love the shirt, very pretty :) I've never seen that sock booklet, any good patterns in it?

Jenny said...

Great job on the weight loss. I am just now starting to think about it. Craig and I took the baby in her carrier and the pup on her leash for a walk. I am exhausted! I definitely need to get back into better shape!

Lacey said...

That has to be one of the happiest babies I've ever seen! He's too cute for words! :D

And your miters look nice, are you going to make a fourth for each or turn them and connect them like tetris blocks? Not sure if that would make a full shape or not, but it sounds cool in my head. :P

Anonymous said...

The blanket is looking great. I love the pictures. Sean has such a great smile. You look great.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm still waiting to start on that nine weeks post-partum LOL.

You go to a childrens' dentist?! That is so cool. I went to one for many years and he was amazing, but he gave me the boot once I was ready to graduate high school :( Given the choice I would SO still be going there today!

Have a great weekend!