Thursday, May 31, 2007

22 Weeks

Sean is 22 weeks old today. Another week down. In just 4 weeks, he'll be 26 weeks. That's half of 52 weeks - which is half a year. Time flies. Really. It flies when you're having fun.

Today in honor of self portrait Thursday, my mother joined in for the shot today. This is at the JC Penny women's fitting room in Crossgates Mall, Albany, New York. We got there today just after lunch (after checking into our hotel) and we did a little bit of shopping. We had a bunch of things on the list today, and most of the items got checked off, but it took us all day. We stopped for a little bit for lunch, and then not stopping for dinner until we were done our shopping, which was at about 9pm. Let's just say that today was a long long long day.

Sean did the best out of all of us during this trip. He got spoiled the most. I barely bought anything for myself. It's all mainly for him! He got onesies and books and bibs.... you name it. He got it. LOL. Or something to that effect. We even picked up a funny tshirt for daddy. Sean mailed daddy a postcard from MA, a Boston Red Sox postcard (we sent it to daddy's work). Daddy (Jamie) you see, HATES the Red Sox. He's a Yankee's fan.

Tomorrow we're heading home. It's been a fun trip, but it's time to go home. I can't wait to get back to my bathroom (I hate public/hotel bathrooms - in that sense I'm a germophobe (spelling?)). And I can't wait for my own bed, and all that jazz...

Pictures of my yarn purchases are coming tomorrow. It's packed away in my valise (as my grandmother calls it - not a suitcase, lol).

To all those of you whom have emailed me, you will get a response when I return home. My internet usage, even though free, I haven't had time.


Anonymous said...

That's great that you have had such a great trip and that Sean was well behaved. Can't wait to see what you have bought. Have a fun & safe trip back!!

Jenny said...

I just love that your sent him a Red Sox card from Boston!! Especially since right now, the Yankees are not doing so well!

g-girl said...

great pic of you, sean, and your mom! did you manage to hit a target?

Drea said...

Baby Bjorn? :-) I love wearing Taite.

Looks like you had a great time w/ your mom. Which BTW you can tell is your mom ;-) hehe