Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 19 of 31

Today Jamie let me sleep in, since Sean was babbling in his sleep for about 10 minutes last night, rather loudly, and then woke himself up from his babble, so I got up with him, this was at about 3:40 am. He drank a bit and then fell back asleep. After I changed him and cleaned his nose of course.

This afternoon I got A LOT of laundry done. Like close to 8 loads of laundry:

1. Towels
2. Sean's
3. Mine
4. Another load of mine
5. Jamie's
6. Another load of Jamie's.
7. A mixed load of Jamie's & mine...
8. and there is another load currently going now... with some stuff of Sean's for later on... which I wnated to wash finally as it's been sitting in the laundry room for ages now.

Yeah - that's a lot of laundry.

I still have more. I have shirts/blouses to wash and then bring to the dry cleaners to just have pressed (cheaper that way) (I don't iron!) Unless it's a small crease out of a pair of pants. I don't do shirts. LOL.

I did finish Jamie's socks today, with plenty of time before Father's day. (I gave them to him today though... I wanted him to have them!)

Pattern: My own "Married Socks" Pattern
Yarn: Regia Ringel Color #5045
Needles: 3mm
Timeline: Sunday, December 03, 2006 (taking a break when I went into labor December 26th, 2006) and picking it up again off and on through the last few weeks starting again around mid-February) - May 19th, 2006

Don't they look great?? I love them. And they kinda fit my feet.... but I won't take them from him! He's been waiting MONTHS for a snug fitting pair of handknit socks. He better take very good care of them. Happy Early Father's Day Jamie!

I also finished Square number 12 tonight. I even cast on for Square 13, and managed to knit a bunch of rows. I wasn't going to do any solid squares in this blankie, but in the end, I kind of like the solid one. I'm now joining a block and three with another block of three squares. I should have that done tomorrow. Next up, I'm going to finish my matching "married" socks. I'm still working on sock number one for me, the heel is turned, but still more of the foot to knit! And then I still have a whole other sock to do... And then, a lot of patterns on my wish to knit list!

These are cute: His and Hers Key Holders, but they're kinda pricey. From what I understand, they're 23.99$ each.... and you need a his & a hers... Cute but not needed.

Tonight Jamie & I caught up on last week's Sopranos, and the finale of Survivor. We'd forgotten it was on. I also watched this afternoon a handful of episodes of House MD. I'm addicted, I tell you. I have Season 3 in progress of being downloaded, and I'm in the middle of watching Season 2 on our Eureka (tv jukebox?). I love Hugh Laurie. He's just too funny.

I found my copy of Knitting Under the Influence. I plan on jumping back into it. I hope I didn't forget too much about what's going on. All I know is that the "Twins" bother me.... so if they still do in the next few chapters, I may re-consider finishing it.

I'm not sure what is going on with my trip to Toronto. As of right now, I have no where to stay, and I'm not sure about the hotel idea... ($ wise). Plus, Friday morning, May 25th, is Jakob's bris (Circumcision ceremony), so I will be there for that, which is near my parents house, technically on the way to Toronto from my house. It's at 9 am I think, and it'll last a few minutes for the actual ceremony, and then a little bit of mingling and saying hello to people, and then possibly can be on the road to Toronto by latest 10 am. That means, without stopping, getting into Toronto around 3-4pm. And now, I'll have to stop. I've got Sean with me. There is no way I can last that long in the car anyhow, without going to the bathroom, eating, and stretching. Especially since I'm driving the entire way. I'm thinking this may be cutting it a little close.... I may have to re-schedule my visit to Toronto to another weekend, and go when I can relax and not have to rush, as there are people in Toronto I want to meet (knitters of course!), and friends that I want to meet up with that I haven't seen in ages. I really have to think hard about making it to Toronto for 7pm on Friday, because I have to take into consideration, traffic. I'll sleep on it.

Alright, Sean's been sleeping since about 7:15 pm, so I better wake him up to change his diaper and get him a little snack in his belly (formula), so maybe he'll sleep in a little bit tomorrow. Tomorrow morning we have Jamie's mom and her wife coming over for brunch, and then we have dinner at my parents house. In between, I have some things around the house for Jamie to do, and I have so more chores around the house to do. I want to be able to chill on Monday, providing the weather is beautiful, maybe go on a picnic, so I want the chores to be done tomorrow. But if I dont get to them, I'm not worried.


Kerry said...

The socks turned out great! I love the color. Sean's blanket is coming nicely too. You have to tell me where you found the pattern. It looks similiar to one I have but mine is for wrsted weight.

Jenny said...

Congrats on sleeping in. We went out last night and Chloe was awake the whole evening as we visited with friends, so she was exhausted. She slept 6 straight hours last night! It was wonderful!

Love those socks--they look super comfy!

Kathy said...

Tag! You're it - check out my blog post...

Maggie said...

those are the coolest socks ever!

Laundry is the worst! did you get it all finished?