Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29 of 31

What a long day. We left in the morning, to the USA. Had the easiest time ever at the border. Never had it so easy before. Usually when we enter via Plattsburgh, NY, (today was the VT border) we get a million questions. "Where you from, where you going, citizenship, how long you going for, have anything to declare (gifts), do you work, why are you not at work (if it's a weekday), etc".

The guy at the border this morning, didn't even say hello or good morning, took our passports, scanned them, and waved us through.

So much for security?

After typing up a letter, having Jamie sign it, and a witness yet too, that he allows me to enter the USA with our son, (to prove I'm not kidnapping Sean and going to another country), I didn't even need it.

We stopped in Burlington, VT for lunch. My mom wanted to go to Ann(e?) Taylor store on Church Street, so we ate in that area, and then did a little shopping. I got a cute tshirt for Sean from a street vendor, and a 0-6 month hat for Sean at old navy. It probably won't last him long but it's better than the 6-12 month hat that is too big.

After lunch we headed to the hotel. I drove about an hour of the way because my mom wanted to rest her eyes. The trip total was 1.5 hours to Burlington, then 3 hours to Northampton, MA.

The hotel is not bad, but I've got free high speed internet, (after talking to the tech guy to figure out how to log on to the wireless web (I've never done it before, especially not on my father's laptop). (Another annoyance, my dad's laptop has an all French keyboard. NOT FUN).

Oh, in Burlington, I stopped in at Michaels. I got some yarn for a sweater I want to make Sean (ok, maybe for 3 sweaters, lol), but I've never seen Lion Brand Cotton Ease I think it's called before, and it actually felt pretty nice for both a cotton, and acrylic. I picked up a few other things that I needed at Michaels, and I'm pretty content.

Now I just want to hit up Webs tomorrow, and a Target for a few things for Sean. (And maybe one or two clothing pieces for myself. But mainly for Sean!)

Tonight we drove an hour East to meet up wih one of my best friends (Sherrie) for dinner. We met her at Vinny T's in Shrewsbury, MA. Dinner was good, and so was the company. It was really good to see her, even though I just saw her recently.

I took a few pictures today, but it's been a long day and I don't feel like dumping them to my dad's laptop tonight. I'll do that tomorrow if there is time.

I'm very excited to go to see the Yarn Harlot tomorrow, and check out Webs.

I have a LOT of emails sitting in my inbox, they will get responded to when I return from the USA on either Thursday night, or Friday. (We're not sure when we will return home).

(I got some knitting done in the car today, while my mom was driving. I worked on the Column of Leaves scarf. I brought that, my married socks, and Sean's blankie to work on). However, for some of the time we were in the car I caught up on some magazine reading that I've been wanting to do for some time now... knitting I can do at home, it seems that magazine reading is just too impossible! Weird! Sean trying Butternut Squash for the first time. Wasn't so impressed. I'll try again in a day or so.

Sean on the road. The travelling baby. He's loving the trip. But he wonders with all this shit in the trunk, where is there room to shop?

Sherrie and I at dinner tonight. We had a good time. It was good to see her. Thanks for coming out to meet us Sherrie!


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the Yarn Harlot tomorrow. Sounds like a couple of busy ahead of you guys. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

My mom and I flew to England last year with my 4 yr old daughter. I did the same thing, getting my husband to sign a document, etc. Customs officials in England didn't even look at it! But, once I came back to Canada the customs official at the Montreal airport gave me the hardest time, drilling me with a hundred questions about my daughter.

Wendy said...

I heart Burlington! We are spending 4th of July week there! We go every year!

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

Glad you all got there safe and sound (and got to relax a little on the way) and I will be waiting to see how the Yarn Harlot thing goes!

Anonymous said...

oooh when i dated the canadian for 3.5 years..that was 3.5 years of me going over the border, pre-9/11 and post 9/11. I never really saw anything change. But ia lways hated the 9 million questions i got. What's even weirder was when they'd detain you. They did that to me once. I was told to go into the building...then talk to this person behind a glass. they asked me super weird questions like how much money i had in cash and in my bank accounts...how much money i owed in student loans..and it just kept creeping me out. but they were just monitary questions. and then they said bye. so weird.
but yeah i loved the whole question thing...my favorite was so you're visiting a friend..WHO IS THIS FRIEND AND WHY ARE THEY IN CANADA?
good lord. my answer was always college.

Anonymous said...

You didn't go to Kaleidoscope Yarns! Me and two friends went to Burlington in November pretty much exclusively to go there. And there's another great shop near there but I can't recall the name.

Crazy Schreier's said...

I enjoy reading your blog! I have two boys- the baby is a few weeks older than yours.

I hope you enjoyed VT...we are planning to move there in the next few years.

If you love Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar), his Museum of Picture Book Art is located off of Exit 19 in Northampton (he is from there).



halloweenlover said...

Oh man! You're so close to me! We should meet up and have the birthday buddy boys meet!

g-girl said...

oh my gosh, i can't believe it was that easy for you to cross the border with sean! I remember you going through all those steps too!

pahkcah02 said...

It was so much fun hanging out with you, your family, and my Canadian boyfriend at Vinny T's. Thanks for dinner, Mama Grauer! Hope you had a good trip back.