Thursday, May 04, 2006

And It Makes Three....

Today has been a VERY exciting day.

Slept in this morning, as I didn't have class until 11:30 am. Around 10:15 I finally got out of bed, and made my way to the bathroom. Still have not gotten my period - usually I get it between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. So I decided - why not - let's take a pregnancy test. (I've done two already, one about two or three weeks ago, just to test it out to see how it works, and obviously got a negative result. But I wanted to make sure I was doing it right. Then I did another test on Sunday at the airport, one of those "early" pregnancy tests which say you can test as early as 5 days, but it was negative, which is possible I didn't have enough HGC yet). This morning, I get this result right off the bat, within maybe 30 seconds - 45 seconds of the test!

Yes, the first line is lighter than the second line, but the second line is always guaranteed to show up, since it's involved in the pregnant and not pregnant equation. However, there is a line in the "pregnant window":

I read the instructions that came with the box and tests, and CLEARLY states: "One line in the result window and one line in the control window is a positive result and you are pregnant. NOTE that the line can be ANY shade of colour and can be lighter or darker than the line in the picture. The line in the control window (Second line, the line on the right hand side) shows that you performed the test correctly... etc."

Just to be sure, I will take another test in about a week. But this is good news! An addition to our family!

I called my gyno. He won't see me until I've missed 2 periods, so I have an appointment for June 7th (Wednesday) at 9:15 am. I am glad I called today. The secretary actually asked me if I want to keep the baby. I was like "Uhm, of course?!" All confused. What the hell? I guess if I didn't want to keep it - the doctor sees you sooner, so you can "get rid" of it... but not in my case. WE WANT IT!

Before calling the gyno, I called Jamie. He couldn't really say much, because he was in the office (sitting right next to my brother) but I could tell he was really excited. I can't wait to show him the test when he gets home from work!

Then I called my sister and my cousin - I had to call someone! I was sooooooo excited. Then after speaking to Jenn - I called the gyno for an appointment.

I want to tell my parents and his parents - but wouldn't Mother's Day make it a nice present??? I hate keeping it for this long - but mother's day??? (Watch I wont be able to keep it until then!) (I'll probably end up calling tomorrow or something!) I can't ever keep big news a secret!

My friend in my class Laura knows also. We've gotten really close, and she's realized before the end of last semester that my hormones were all messed up and I was acting a little off. So I kinda wanted to tell her the good news. Plus I wanted someone in class to understand. What if I get sick and need to run out of class, etc... you know? Obviously, eventually I'll have to tell my teachers, they may think it's nuts if I constantly have to pee or if I am sick or something! But I am not there yet, so we'll see what happens with that.

Classes today were a little hard to concentrate! Let me tell you. I just was sooo anxious and excited and yeah! In my first class, Illustrator, we have to create a poster for a children's movie, (can be any) and old cartoons are better than the new more 3D animated ones, (for tracing purposes) and we need to create a poster as if the movie was coming out soon to theaters. I didn't want to do any that other people were doing, so I chose to go with (in the end) Donald & Daisy Duck. (That's her name right? Daisy?) I had gone from Mary Poppins (my fave - but she's humand and that's hard to trace) to Shrek (but he's new animation - too dificult for this assignment) to Betty Boop (She's too sexual for kids) to Lady & the Tramp - but then I found this adorable image of Donald Duck and his girlfriend, that I wasnted to do - so I chose a movie title off IMDB called "Donald's Lucky Day" and I'm turning it into a "romance movie" (1939).

For the rest of the class, it was a workshop period, after getting our movie approved by our "client" (our teacher).

Our second class was with Andrea - the teacher we had as a sub for a sub last semester, but she's our actual teacher this semester. I have her again tomorrow. I am not sure if I like her teaching methods, but anyhow. We'll see how this semester goes, now that we know her. Today's called was called Estimation. It's on how to price jobs for bidding against other graphic designers. It's actually very interesting.

Ok - Jamie just got home from work. I'm going to go chill with him and celebrate (sans wine for me!)

... I never in a million years dreamed that it would happen THIS fast for me!



Jofrog said...

Wholey Shneikies that was fast! Congratulations! Kaya is 5 months old and I haven't gotten my period back at all... when did yours start again?

Jenny said...

Wow!! Congratulations! It sounds like you two are super excited and I bet it will be nice to have a little brother or sister for Sean so close in age.