Friday, May 26, 2006

Stitch Markers

Today I stopped at Le Chateau Liquidation to pick up a gift certificate for Jamie's cousin who's Bat Mitzvah it is on Sunday. It's from Jamie & I as well as Jamie's sister and our nephew. I think she will LOVE it, because she LOVES clothes. While there, I took a look at the dresses - and actually found something for the wedding we have on the 18th of June... and hopefully I'll still fit into it for the wedding in July, and I'm probably pushing it for the wedding we have in August. Anyhow, is it rude to wear a WHITE dress to someone else's wedding? It's not that fancy or anything, it's just a summery dress. I am planning on dressing it up with a pink shawl and probably pink shoes, (I have the hottest pink pumps) and probably some jewelry - so does that make up for the dress being white? It just was the ONLY dress that looked good on me, and I love it. And it even helps "hide" my pregnancy a bit - with the ruffles on the stomach. When I bought it - I didn't even think "oh it's white - and the bride should be wearing white" blah, blah, but I think that there was other people who were wearing white at my wedding. (Going to get my photo album to confirm - and that was a September wedding).

Here's the count:

3 white jackets
2 shite shirts
1 off white outfit
My mother's best friend Sandy wore a white outfit
My mother's cousin Marla wore white pant suit I think (I only see the top sitting at the table)

So - people do wear white to summer weddings. Technically my wedding was in the summer. September 18th was NOT fall yet!

Ugh, what to do? Would you wear white???

After Le Chateau, I went to Walmart to return some items, and then picked up a salad at Marathons - only the best food in the world. I love their Marathon's salad - it's a HUGE shame they do not deliver!

Came home, ate lunch, then decided to first start on making some stitch markers, some for my swap which the deadline is ending on June 1st, and then some for my SP8 pal - and some for myself as well - I like the ones I made. I created a TON of them! I was really impressed with myself. I need to photograph them all - which I will do soon. I have been sending her big packages as well as smaller envelopes in regular mail. What is really cool - is that both of our birthdays fall during SP8 - she's 13 days younger than me, and so I have some bday surprises for her! For sure! I am having a blast with SP8! I have sent her one huge package already, and she should be getting the smaller envelopes of stuff shortly. And I have more stuff going out to her this week.

I also - took out my SEWING MACHINE - and dusted her off! Plugged her in - and set her up. I pulled out my SNB book and turned to page 236 and created my own version of the Circular Knitting Needle holder. For my first attempt - I am VERY proud of myself. Two sections in, I realize that I needed to make sure that I reversed my stitch and went over the edges to reinforce. That was the first thing I learnd, and there was a few other things I learned along the way. What I was very impressed with - what the fact that I got all the sections in almost perfect straight lines (after realizing that I had to clamp down the thing on the sewing machine so that it held down my fabric! LOL) But I DID figure it all out - so I am very impressed with myself! Let me tell you. This is the hot pink fabric that I got at Walmart a while ago - it's PERFECT to make tote bags with - and I have over 10 m of it! It's a full roll - and I love it. I can't wait to see what I make! I have so many more ideas - I am sure in time - I will figure it out!

This evening, I took a self night - Jamie played softball and I watched TV and relaxed. Jamie had some friends over after ball, so I just did whatever around the house. I'm going to go crawl into bed shortly, I'm exhausted! I am so excited, I get to see my nephew tomorrow! They're in for the weekend.

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