Monday, May 22, 2006

Been In PJ's Since Saturday

I've literally been in PJ's since Saturday when my guests left and Jamie hung out with his friend Sat night. It's been one long weekend and I've been really tired. Sleeping in late, (til almost noon both days) and just vegging around. I should be working on my project that is due tomorrow - but I don't feel like finishing it. I did start it though - and it'll take me just a few more minutes to finish - but I just don't feel like actually finishing it. I will *try* to get up early tomorrow to finish it - we'll see. If not, I'll have a huge problem, because I believe the assignment is due at the beginning of the class, lol. Oh well. I always get things done on time, and - I'm master of last minute. Actually - I think I work best under pressure with a deadline, or late at night, but I can't do these late nights anymore - not with the exhaustion that pregnancy brings.

I need to get myself back to the gym. VERY IMPORTANT. Maybe it will help me get more energized? And maybe even though I should NOT be losing weight at this time - maybe it will help me shape my thigh's better and lose some of the fat, but gain muscle. I need to talk to my trainer about being pregnant and working out. See what he says. I wonder how long into my pregnancy I can work out. I need to speak to my trainer and also my OBGYN on the 7th of June at my first apointment. So many questions for him! He's going to need to spend time with me on that day.

I'm so sad my long weekend is over, especailly since it rained the entire weekend. There was barely enough sun... at least it didnt rain this morning - Jamie actually was able to get his friend Michel over again, and they did a great job working in the backyard. Maybe soon we can get our garden planted and the rest of the tiles laid out so we can have a finished patio, and we can actually go and buy our patio table set (speaking of which - I have a raincheck from Zellers which I need to call and find out what the heck is happening with that!) They said I was next on the list for the set - but they haven't called me to tell me it's in.... I should call them tomorrow. Find out maybe if another location has it - so I can pick it up there.... It was such a good deal - a 13 piece set on sale from 499.99$ to 299.99$ - had to make sure I got a raincheck (because obviously when I got there the 2 they had in stock were already reserved), and they said that I was the next on the list.... in line for one.... it's been at least 3-4 weeks since that happened... yeah, at least.

Alright, I'm going to go watch 24 season finale with Jamie. It's on in just a short few minutes. I hope it's good. Can't wait to see how it ends!

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