Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lease Signed - No More Worries.

I was watching that De-clutter show on TLC - hmm, what was it called - nevermind - it's on HGTV (Home & Garden Network) - ok, not sure what the show was called - but it could be Mission: Organization - but it's re-organization but with getting rid of clutter. This show got me thinking about losing my office when the baby comes and having to de-clutter my stuff. It's a little hard to though. Especially - since over time - my office has become my arts & crafts storage room and I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with all my yarn and craft supplies. And Jamie's trying to work on me to put my desk in the den - but I don't see how it's going to fit - plus, I will lose the privacy of my office - which sucks.

Today, after class (which I got my poster done in time - told you I would!) - I came home, did a couple of things, and then went to do my errands: first I returned 3 bags of soda & beer bottles to the grocery store and made 5$, also returned the big water jug for a new one (had the stock guy put it in my trunk - there was no way pregnant or not I could even lift the thing!) Then I went to check out Winners (TJ Maxx for you Americans) and they a) had zippo as far as a maternity section and b) no dresses at all that I liked or that fit - as I have 4 weddings this summer and only 1 do I have a bridesmaid dress for! (And it's the last wedding of the summer - so I can't even re-wear the dress!) After Winners I went to the gym - which is in the same building - so I didn't have to go far. I spoke to my trainer and he was worried about us (as Jamie and I have not been since before our trip to Vegas - I have been WAY too tired to go lately, and Jamie started up baseball again). We talked about me being pregnant, and he told me that until I'm feeling better (and not tired - which usually goes away in the end of the 3rd month) - to just do simple cardio and to NOT do the previous routine he gave me to do. He said to come to see him at the beginning of July and he'll set me up a pregnancy routine. He has trained pregnant women before, and just recently as well - and she trained right through her 9th month as well! I want to keep in shape. I also want to see if I can find a prenatal yoga class. I looked into the studio 2 blocks from my house, but they are a dance studio with one small pilates class (and pilates is NOT what I want right now). I will keep searching, hopefully there won't be a class too far from my house.

After the gym, I came home and met up with my new tenants! I had the lease signed and I'm SOOO happy to have new people moving in and I don't have to worry about it. Found out the details, it's a a girl around Jamie's age (in her 30's) with her mother, and the 30 year old woman's 3 children (ages 7, 8 and 10). I'd much rather 3 kids who go to bed around 9-10pm above me, than the couple and their 21 year old son, who comes home at ALL HOURS of the night, and bangs around til ALL HOURS of the night (since his parents usually do the graveyard shift at the hospital- they're never around, so he can bang around til whatever hour he wants (CRAZY!) And - HIS BEDROOM is above OUR bedroom. How sucky is that? So - there have often been nights, where I can't sleep because of him! Or he wakes me up. (I'm a light sleeper!) One more month of that... phew! Hopefully my new tenants will not bang around and whatever hour of the night. And I hope that when I have my baby in January, that I'll have a good baby and he or she won't be screaming until all hours of the night - and keeping them up - lol... I do want tenants that will stay and not move!

After the signing of the lease I took a walk over to the strip mall near my house and picked up a new toothbrush for myself (in pink of course!) I'm trying out the new Colgate Massage toothbrush, the last brush I got was complete garbage... blech! I found that it didn't clean that good... time for a new one! And I picked up some shampoo and body spray and bodywash (the last two both Axe - he likes the green scent - I think it's called Kilo - I also really like that scent on him) for Jamie. Then I did some groceries (enough just so it wasn't too heavy to carry back) and then walked back home. It was nice to walk and listen to my MP3 player. It's not a long walk at all (longer when you have heavy-ish groceries though!) LOL.... I should start walking more. That's the plan. More walking. Especially to places near by.

I'm craving Grapefruit and Cherries. Grapefruit looks HORRID in the grocery store (anyone know a kid selling grapefruit for their elementary school - you know - the good kind from Florida? I'll buy a box!!! - Or is this the wrong time of the year?) and Cherries - can't find any. Maybe tomorrow I'll go to the fruit shop - but even then - I don't know if they're in season yet. I'm DYING to buy a box! Mmmm! Cherries! Mmmm!

Tomorrow, my friend Cindy cancelled our lunch. I'm still going to the west island to meet up with my mother at a shop to pick up my cousin's bridal shower gift - which I can't talk about until AFTER her shower and I'm going to see if I can get One Skein at Chapters - if they have it in stock. Chapters online now ships in 24 hours - but is 27$. Amazon.ca has it for 17$ but ships in 4-6 weeks. I'm going to see how much Chapters has it in store for, and see if they even have it in stock. I'd LOVE this book. Maybe I'll be able to get it. And next to Chapters is a maternity store. My mother's going to come with me to look. My pants are already not fitting me anymore, I'm living in stretchy pants, lol... and I need a few pairs of khaki's and possibly a dress or two for these weddings I have upcoming! I didn't think that I'd start expanding this early - but I have.

Alright, bed time.

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