Friday, May 12, 2006

Clapotis & The World Almost Knows

Today I bid on and won some bamboo DPN's on ebay. I got each set for .99 cent! I couldn't believe that no one tried to outbid me! The first set is 12 paris 15cm (6 inches long) and the pair below is 14 sets at 20cm long (which I believe is 8 inches almost). I know you can travel on air planes (for my future travels) with bamboo or plastics. I only have 1 set (non matching - different lengths) of plastic, 3mm, so it'll be nice to have matching lengths. I've been into bamboo knitting needles lately, so I had to have two sets at 1.98$ (.99 cents each!)

Last night I started my Calpotis. I'm in love with the colour. Here's her progress so far:

This morning in class, I had to tell my teacher that I'm pregnant, because she was worried about me. I had to get up to go to the bathroom several times (ok, more than several) as I just kept having to pee. I tried to hold it in, as she was giving a lecture, but it was just really hard! She asked me after class if I was okay, she thought I was sick - I just told her that I had to go to the bathroom because I'm pregnant. She was really excited and told me that with one of her kids, she was sick for 8 whole months. I hope that is not the case with me - so far I've been very lucky. Breast tenderness and tiredness, no sickness yet. Knocking on wood...
This afternoon I sat on my couch and watched A baby story on TLC and Bringing Home Baby right after, and worked more on Clapotis. I am really enjoying working on it - and I've learned some new techniques. I've done SSK (slip slip knit) before, but never KFB or PFB (knit front back and purl front back) or yo (yarn over) and I've never knitted through the back loop before - which are all techniques I've just learned for the Clapotis. A very helpful site - with video is: Knitting Help. (Thanks to my cousin Jenn for the site!) The videos are VERY helpful.
This evening, we had Jamie's dad and step-mom over early for dinner, and Scott, a friend of Jamie's came to our Friday night Poker game early, so he also joined us for dinner. We told Scott about me being pregnant. So, we couldn't not tell Jamie's best friends whom were over for Poker. So we shared the good news! Everyone was very happy for us. I am so glad!
We also decided that we are going to tell my brother and his girlfriend, as well as my dad's parents. I'll be calling them tomorrow.
Tonight I played 1 game of poker and came in 3rd. It was fun.

Alright, I'm off to bed to knit.

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