Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Feeling Better - Close But No Cigar.

Today I was not able to sleep in past 9:30 am - which was fine by me - because I had stuff that I wanted to get accomplished today, in no particular order.

First - I got up and watched Rumor Has It - which was cute, but just okay. I LOVE Mark Ruffalo - so it was worth it just to see him. Then - after finishing that movie - I watched - still in bed - The Family Stone. This one - was a little bit slow - which I had been pre-warned, so I knew what I was getting myself into.

After putzing around in bed all morning, I finally got out of bed, went back to the video store, returned some movies and rented 4 more:

and now - with the exception of 1 or 2 movies, I've rented everything that I've wanted to rent for a while. I'm all caught up on recent movies that I've wanted to rent. There is pretty much NOTHING in the month of June that is coming out that I want to see. And there have been NO action movies either lately that have come out. Which sucks.

While out - I went to pick up my photos from Vegas - which I ordered online. They were having a special - buy 20 photos get 20 free. I had about 3 orders - so I put one under my name, another under Jamie's name, and another under first name (my last name) and last name (Jamie's last name). So when I go there to pick up the photos - the girl gave me this lecture, and then told me that if I was going to do that in the future, to use a different telephone number for each. And then she told me that she's Christian, and she's going to feel guilty about giving me three orders when it's supposed to be 20 free photos per client!

I then on my way home headed to Walmart to pick up a piece that we needed to fix the flusher on the toilet (I broke it the other day - but Jamie said it wasn't my fault - but the cheap parts inside the toilet). I got myself 2 bathing suits for this summer - I am very excited about that. I'm dying to go swimming already! I need to find a pool nearby!

I read a few pages in my book - that I started - The Diary of a Mad Mom-To-Be by Laura Wolf.. So far - cute. I sat outside on my front steps to read - as it was BRUTALLY hot in my office. I finally got the window in here open, had to clear things out of the way to even get to the window. It was actually nicer to sit outside than to sit in my office - let me tell you!

I PROCRASTINATED my project that was due today, as I will have to hand it in on Thursday when I return to school from my sick leave. I really had no encouragement to do any of it in this heat. I hope to get a lot accomplished tomorrow - before I possible have people over for a knitting meet up at my house - a la impromptu style! I am really not impressed with myself for neglecting a huge project, but I just can't work unless I'm under pressure - lol.

Tonight was a self night - I really enjoyed just relaxing. I'm feeling a lot better (bronchitis) but still feeling not 100%. And now my nose is running - which sucks. Not too sure how that happened. It's deadly hot outside - and I'm sick. How does that make sense? I hope it rains tonight - because it's soooo damn hot outside - at least The Weather Network is predicting rain. Thank heavens. Get away this heat!

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