Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lost, Thyme & Mail!

This afternoon I met my mother at her LYS and did some shopping with her. I also picked up some beads at Ted's Hobby Shop for my Stitch Marker Exchange.

Today I went to a Maternity shop and I picked out some pants at Thyme Maternity, as I desperately needed pants. None of my pants will close anymore, and I have been living in workout pants/sweat style pants. No good! I have a Bat Mitzvah to attend this weekend, needed dressy pants, as well as some jeans and casual pants. I spent some money, but did good! I had no choice, had to spend the cash. I'd NEVER spend 65$ on jeans if it wasn't speciality for maternity, and I know I will get good use out of them - as I want more than 1 child.

Afterwards, I went to my parents house for dinner, hung out with my mom for a bit, ate dinner with my parents, (we had a nice piece of fish) and I played with Bosco for a bit. I went over the menu for the dog show in October with my mom (we had to decide if we were going to buy into the meal plan or find food on our own while we were there. I liked all the meal plans, and so I told my mom to buy into it - this way, we get to spend time hanging out with other Great Dane owners, it's purely a Great Dane show, and not have to worry about finding restaurants, etc).

After dinner, I came home, and received a package in the mail from Lainie! (THANK YOU HUN!) I love it. The chocolate smells delicious, it's semi-sweet chocolate. I also got 3 bottles of baby products, aren't they SOOO cute? As well, my letter initial with one It's a Boy ribbon and TWO pink It's a Girl ribbons. (Can you tell I'm hoping I have a girl?)

Alright, LOST finale is on in moments... GOTTA GO GET GLUED TO THE 2-HOUR FINALE!

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