Saturday, May 27, 2006

Yey - it's finally the weekend!

Today - I slept in until noon (much needed). Love the weekends for that!
Got up, did a few things around the house, and then all of a sudden it was 3:30pm and we headed off to my in-law's house to see our nephew and have dinner. Dinner was nice - a turkey dinner (Even though I'm not really into Turkey - it was still good). I loaded up on salad - which is always SOOOO good at my in-law's as my mother in law makes this amazing homemade salad dressing - which is sooooo simple, but whenever I try to make it myself, it NEVER turns out the same, or right. Always delicious when she makes it - and it's usually ME finishing off the rest of the salad helping myself to seconds even thirds... But it's SALAD... and I love it!

It was also nice to see Jamie's step-sister Karen and her daughter whom we call Little Jamie (Since I'm married to big Jamie - lol). Also - Jamie's step-cousin Val was with us. Everyone was so excited that I'm pregnant. Val - got married a month after us - already in her 40's - we are wondering when she's going to get pregnant. Her hubby is turning 45 soon, and we were soooo sure they'd start right away.

Tonight I started with a little cough, and I'm not too sure where it came from. I'm going to see if I can just relax and sleep it off - I do not want it to turn into anything bad at all. That would be TERRIBLE!

My office is a HUGE mess and I hate it. I am trying to go through things and see what I need and what is garbage and what can be donated and what-not... I want to condence my office before moving it downstairs, where Jamie has so lovingly offered me his office. It won't be a few months until we make the move - once we start on the baby's room. But we have 7 months until we need it finished, so there is plenty of time. But for the time being - there are things EVERYWHERE and it's starting to drive me insane... but I will just have to deal. That's all. *Breathe*

Alright, we just got in - and Andrea went to sleep with Merlyn in the den. We're all tired. Jamie's watching hockey downstairs and I am about to crawl into bed with some TV.. That's the plan. We have to get up fairly early tomorrow as we have a Bat Mitzvah for Jamie & Andrea's first cousin at 11 am, 3 blocks from our house.

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