Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Today was a nice day. We had family over at 1pm for a BBQ for mother's day. In attendance it was: my sister, my brother, his girlfriend, my parents, Jamie's mom and her wife, Jamie's dad and his wife, My dad's parents and my mother's mother. It was nice to have all the family over for a BBQ.

I am sooo happy that we decided to tell everyone yesterday that I'm pregnant. This way - we had NO worries about people knowing or not knowing and incase it slipped - I didn't want ANYONE pissed off. Understandable, right?

Anyhow, it was nice - and everyone loved their gifts. I didn't take my camera out - but I did notice my father in law take some pictures, so I'll have to get them from him.

Jamie took care of the BBQ and everything was delicious. Of course we had too much food - thank goodness for leftovers - lol.

Next year will be different, I'll actually be a mother!

I'm going to go watch Sopranos and Big Love with Jamie shortly. Going to go get things in order and relax by the TV!

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