Monday, May 01, 2006

School Changes

School was long, our courses got changed from when I had seen the schedule before I left for Vegas. And we found out today that someone failed Typography, which means there is 1 class this semester, that you need typo as a pre-requisite, so you can't graduate on time. We all started freaking out. We went to the coordinator, since our marks aren't posted yet, hopefully by Friday, so we all started freaking out - finding reasons why it could be us that was the person who failed.

I got my mark. I received a 78% in that class - way higher than I was expecting! The teacher was a really hard marker. And what sucks, is that I have said teacher again, twice this semester, for 2 different classes (when I thought we wouldn't ever see her again). Sucky deal. Really. She's a nice lady, just super strict and hard.

I also received my mark from my Illustrator II teacher - whom I do have this semester for Illustrator III, and I got an 88% in her class - I am very happy with that mark. I wonder how I did in the rest of my 4 classes - that's 2 marks of 6. I do not have Kathleen this semester, whom I had for 3 classes last semester, but she is a STUDENT (yeah, don't ask?) in my Illustrator class this semester (I think she wants to brush up on her skills) and well, that will be weird. And then there was my HTML class with Sebastien - which I will have to wait until Friday to get my marks when they should be posted on the gradeline - as promised. Anticipation of waiting - SUCKS - it really does.

Alright, I MUST go nap. More later.

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