Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Nice Day For the Park

This morning I was up really early - and now I am feeling the effects. I have been up since about 8:15 am, and what didn't help was the fact that I had a sore throat and a cough the entire night. Really bad. Not enjoyable.

At 8:45 I ran over to the grocery store to pick up some waffles as my nephew Merlyn requested it for breakfast. Since I didn't know (but now do) that the grocery store only opens at 9 am, I ran into the pharmacy to ask the pharmacist about taking robitussen while being pregnant - as I needed something for my cough. She gave me this pamphlet - a pregnancy pocket guide for medications and such, and it's ok, for me to take it - as long as it says DM on the package. I wasn't sure what I had in the medicine cabinet at home, and Jamie's sister was in the shower, so he couldn't really get into the bathroom - so to be safe, I picked up a small bottle of the syrup. In the end, it turns out I had the DM at home (as there are two versions) but that's okay. Not the end of the world.

The Bat Mitzvah we went to was nice. The Bat Mitzvah girl did a fantastic job, and it was nice. What I didn't know was that my mom's best friend Rachel was the president of the school - and was there as well. It was really nice to see her after the ceremony. Rachel was involved in the ceremony - handing out the certificates of Bat Mitzvah's to the girls.

After the ceremony was a lunch, and that was just okay. Kosher food. And it was nice, we took a family shot with everyone, I can't wait to either receive a copy or scan it from Jamie's Aunt. Jamie's grandmother even made it to the ceremony - she has been in the Montreal General Hospital for a while now.

After all the events, we headed over to the house to change, the ceremony and events were just 3 blocks from our house at the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue (a very nice one) and then we headed over to the park.

Merlyn - my nephew wanted to skateboard a little bit on the skateboard he got for his 3rd birthday last November.

And then Uncle Jamie wanted to try out Merlyn's skateboard....

And Jamie took silly pictures of Robyn....

What was really nice about this park, is that they have the good swings, the ones where adult tushies fit into the swing. So - I got on to the swings for a bit, didn't swing too high, I didn't want to take the chance of falling off.

I haven't swung on a swing in years. It felt so good - and so refreshing - just to swing freely and not think about anything else for a change. The weather today has been INCREDIBLE and just wonderful. Hot too - but with a cool breeze.

Tonight, I caught Zeus sleeping with his paw over his face. I find it the funniest thing ever - and it's a usual position for him!

Tonight we had Jamie's dad and step-mom over for a BBQ - and I requested them to bring me some salad. As usual, it was so deliciously good - with her special touch on her salad dressing (it's all about the dressing - let me tell you!)
Everyone has left, Jamie is home from baseball and Merlyn is in bed. Andrea is downstairs watching Miss Congeniality on the dish, and Jamie's in the other room looking for munchie food. Actually he's right next to me now asking if I have any chocolate & I do, so I let him take a bite.
I've picked out a book to start reading - Diary of a Mad Mom-To-Be by Laura Wolf. Looks cute. The tag line on the book itself reads: "Once, she was a sane, secure professional woman - then the stick turned blue..." I have been meaning to start a book soon - hope this one is a good one! I need to get back into reading.. it's been a while since I've enjoyed a good book, or any book at all for that matter!
Alright, time for bed! I hope I make it alive to school tomorrow. My cough is worse, the Robitussen is just kicking in (for bed) and I'm EXHAUSTED! I really truly should have been in bed hours ago - but there was lunch to make and laundry to fold and things to take care of that I neglected the entire weekend.

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