Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Montreal Knits

I talked to my cousin Jenn earlier today about knitting stuff, my trip and was trying to figure out what time to meet her tonight, etc... and in our knitting conversation we started talking about shrugs. I really wanted a wrap around one, but I think a regular shrug would be easier, to start with.

I found this online - free pattern - but I've already gotten married, so I have no use for this: The I Do Shrug. Maybe others would have use for this?

I am thinking about making this Shrug Recipe.

I showed my upstairs apartment to two people today, one to a girl name Karen, who may come back tomorrow night with her husband to see the place, and another time to two students, who will be sharing it with two other guys, I asked their ages, and they're 19, 20, 25, and 32. Wow, what a range! They said they were interested, filled out an application, and will get back to me tomorrow if they're still interested.


This afternoon I did chores, I ACTUALLY FINALLY VACCUMED the three carpeted rooms in my house (I've been saying for a few weeks now that I'd get around the do it - well - it was about time, let's just say you can't see cat hair on my office carpet anymore - it's all gone!! LOL Spick and span!) To be honest I've truly meant to do it - I've even taken out the vaccum cleaner to do it - but it's the one chore I hate, as I have a really old vaccum cleaner, so maybe if I get a new one soon, that'll change. After finishing, and getting all the cat hair along the stairs to the basement, plus cleaning up the cat hair on all the hard wood floors in our place, the upstairs smelled like burnt rubber. I really think there is something wrong with the vaccum, hence why I'd love a new one. Thank goodness the smell has gone since I've been out of the house this evening. Did not go to the gym tonight, but vaccuming counts as exercise, right?

I went knitting tonight with Montreal Knits. My cousin Jenn joined me - I picked her up from work, since her fiance Yannick was coming, too, to work on the blankie he promised Jenn, but of course, being a man, was running late. We had a good time this evening, and I sat next to Deawn, who is friggin hysterical.

I finished knitting my first sock for the Socketta yarn. I still need to close the toes on my first pair of socks ever, but now that I know how to calculate where to end it - it'll be a piece of cake. Here is the progress on the sock. Now I have to figure out grafting, and then I can start sock number two! I can't wait to actually have a pair of FINISHED socks!

It's a little bit of an awkward view, I really wanted to show it from it's side, but because the needles are still in (I need to just graft to close it) I couldn't lay it that way, since the needles wouldn't go that way. So I'll take a picture again after grafting it. :) It's looking sharp though, I love it!
I'm home now. Want to go to sleep though. I'm ZONKED. I'm going to see if my tape taped LOST (if it was on tonight?) and hit the hay early. I do have a class tomorrow at 11:30 am, and that still requires me getting up early enough - around 9:30 am. Apparently my body lately has been really tired. Could be lack of sleep. That could do it.

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