Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Go, Habs, Go

Tonight I went to see the Habs play Game #6 with my brother. Unfortunately they got beat. It was a REALLY good game though. They played really well. It was 1-1 through the entire game pretty much after the first period, and they scored (shittily) in overtime. However, it was a good game, and I really enjoyed myself.
Since I was wearing my jersey, anyone wearing one tonight, got a free prize. It was a signed (not original though) towel, we got to chose from Huet (our goalie) or Kovalev. I chose Huet's towel. We were also given a free towel upon enterering the bell center tonight, as they told us to swing them in the air and it was really cool when the entire 21 276 ticket holders were doing it at the same time. I didn't want to take the chance of my camera being confiscated, so I didn't even bring it.
At the end of the game, after losing, this guy, who has season tickets next to us, whom Jamie knows through people, not sure if it's through baseball or hockey, or something, but this guy Steve, has been a complete loser the entire season. Cursing really loudly at the players, banging his hand on the railing in front of us (there are about 10 dents in it now) and games that he goes with his wife, she's embarrased to go with him, I think. She wasn't there tonight with him.
Anyhow, at the end of the game, this guy, Steve, picks up his umbrella, starts swearing about Montreal Canadien player Surray, and hits his umbrella several times on the railing infront of us (we were the front row of the top section). The umbrella broke in half, and went sailing down, falling between two people, almost poking someone's eye out. What a loser this guy is.
Anyhow, the girl that the umbrella almost hit, wanted to start a fight, but she thought it was someone else who through the umbrella down, since Steve took off right away after realizing what he did.
BUT - I knew his full name, and told the security guard the shit he's done in the past, and that all the dents in the building were made by him. I said it shouldn't be hard to find him, since he has season tickets. Gave his name, and felt better about that.
I had a really good time hanging out with my brother too. I am his favourite sister now, since I made dinner for him tonight too. What a nice sister I am! I don't get to hang out much with my brother, so this was nice.

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