Monday, May 29, 2006

Diagnosed: Bronchitis

So, it's been officially diagnosed, I have bronchitis. I knew it - when you've had bronchitis so many times in your life - you just know. So I'm on Zithromax - which is safe for pregnant women. My doctor - who is actually a friend of the family, wasn't sure at first, so he called a colleague of his - and she told him it was okay. (I had with me, documentation printed off the internet, but whatever). After I left his house (he is off the next two days, and it's convenient that he lives like 4 blocks from my house) on my way to the pharmacy I called my OBGYN to make sure that he approved of me taking Zithromax (Also known as Z-pack). I knew that there is NO WAY I'd survive this without meds.

After the pharmacy, I decided to rent some movies, and went a little crazy - I guess.

I rented:

- Transamerica
- Fun with Dick & Jane
- Munich
- Shopgirl
- Rumor Has It
- The Family Stone

When I got home, I watched Shopgirl. It was a little slow, but I was expecting that - from other people telling me - but I had read the novel - by Steve Martin - and wanted to see the movie - which Steve Martin himself was in.

This evening I watched Fun with Dick & Jane with Jamie. It was dumb - a typical Jim Carrey movie, - but there was a steady flow of laughs - that I do have to admit.

I worked on stitch markers for my swap over the weekend, and here is what I created: Not sure how I am pairing them up yet - and which ones I want to keep for myself - hee hee - but I am excited and there are 13 people currently signed up - and I hope it's going to be so much fun!

My sister in law Andrea painted my toes for me last night. I really had been trying to find a salon that would just paint my hands & toes - but apparently in order to get your toes painted - you have to get a full pedicure - which can range between 35-50$. OUCH! No thank you. All I wanted was my toes painted! And don't you just love this hot red?!

Ignore my ugly feet. I hate my feet. EW!

Alright. Going to go relax and check on laundry.

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