Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rain Won't Go Away.

Here are current pictures of Bosco.

This last picture, he's hiding in my sister's closet. Amy is in the middle of packing to move out around the 1st of June - she'll be moving out from my parents house.

Today in my montage class we ACTUALLY did a lecture/tutorial and learned a few new things, but most of it was just revision on the software called Quark - so it was all just shit we already knew. I am finding that lately we've really not been learning much, at all - and it's just been the same old bruchures and pamphlets to put together. What a joke - I tell you.
The rain in Montreal just WON'T go away - and it looks as though it's going to last the entire week - even the weekend when we should be going to the country house for the long weekend (It's Victoria Day Weekend this upcoming weekend).
On the knitting front I've been working on my Clapotis, and I'm already on my third drop stitch repeat. It's sooo much fun to get to a stitch that you get to drop - and then drop it! I'm loving this pattern - a little repetative, but so easy - as I'm new to reading patterns.
Took a self night tonight, Jamie had some friends over - as he usually does on a Tuesday night. (Hockey is usually on!)

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