Saturday, May 13, 2006

The World Knows!

So this morning after getting up - at a decent hour - I called my Auntie Betti to tell her the good news - I'm pregnant! She said she knew it at Passover - which is funny - because - I wasn't then. (But am now!) She said she just knew.... it's funny how both my mother, Jamie's father and my aunt - all had a hunch. Family - lol!

Next on my list was my dad's parents - I wanted them to know incase it slipped tomorrow while they were over - but didn't want anyone upset. My grandmother was very excited for me - which is exactly how I wanted her to be. Next on my list - was my brother and his girlfriend. I called them - woke them (hee hee) and told them. They seemed happy - which is good!

I finally got in touch (some point in the afternoon) with my second cousin Mona who is one of my mother's best friends - and told her the good news as well. I tried calling her a few times, but there was no answer, and I didn't want to leave the news on her answering machine. So when I finally got in touch with her - she asked me why I didn't leave a message and I bluntly said "Well I didn't want to leave a message on your answering machine telling you that I was pregnant - so impersonal!"

I caught Zeus in a very funny sleeping position today, had to share it:

And then later on - he was gettting cozy next to our fireplace in the den. The cat's life, eh?

Just hanging out tonight - nothing much going on. Knitting and watching TV will be happening shortly!

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