Thursday, May 18, 2006


Today in class, I WAS able to finish my Cinema poster that was due by 2:30pm. Here she is, finished:

basically had to take a children's movie (cartoon character) and turn it into a movie poster. After deciding to do it on Donald & Daisy Duck, I found a title that would be appropriate for the image I was going to draw in Adobe Illustrator, and that happened to be Donald's Lucky Day - a 1939 Disney Movie. I threw on some "movie credits" and voila - an awesome poster that turned out VERY WELL. I love it! I can't wait to see what marks I get on it. I certainly put a LOT of time into drawing the ducks... let me tell you!

After my last class which ended at about 5:30pm, I met Angela in the lobby of my school. She was coming over to my house this evening for the series finale of Will & Grace - which I will talk about shortly. But first - we stopped over at Mouline - a LYS near me. It was litterally a 2 minute drive from my school - 0nly because there was traffic! And school is an 8 minute drive from my house.

I found these hat & glove double pointed knitting needle holders, which I had been loolking for EVERYWHERE! My cousin Jenn has them, and I thought they were the cutest things in the world. Had to have them! Finally found some at Mouline! I only got 1 package (which inclues 1 hat, 1 glove). I love them! Can't wait to start another project with DPN's! Actually I can throw them onto the pair of socks that I have going with the vintage sock yarn I have!

I also splurged a little more on myself and purchased this Alpaca Boucle yarn - in Fuscia - LOVE THE COLOUR! I bought the 7 balls she had left, and am NOT sure what I'm going to make with it - but I will come up with something - I'm sure of it!

It actually looks a little variegated with different shades of pinks..... Which is hard to tell in this picture below, as it's soooo close in... but I am in love with the feel of this yarn. I saw it - had to have it - and even better - it was on sale!

Angela and I picked up some food for dinner, and we came to my place to watch The finale of That 70's show, as well as Will & Grace. We were both disappointed on the way they ended Will & Grace. They kept flipping back time, and well, it was just odd. Then again- I haven't seen Will & Grace in a couple of seasons, so I am not sure if maybe the way the ended it was normal for regular show watchers.
We knitted while watching TV and that was nice. I got some rows done, and as well - dropped another row of stitches in my lovely Clapotis. I love the way it's coming along - but it's still not even half way done! Crazy! It's an awesome project though. Let me tell you!
I just brought Angela to the metro station and I'm beyond ZONKED. I've been more tired than ever lately... time for bed.

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