Saturday, May 20, 2006


Today was a very simple day. I slept in - that was for one. Sleeping in felt fantastic. I picked up my new glasses today!


And on me - modeling them in my nice new blue pj's with not done hair:
What do you think???? So???!!!!! Do you like them? Do you like them on me? I love them. They rock. They have pink on them!
On my way home from getting my glasses - which took longer than I expected since I had to wait for my uncle to adjust them to my ears, I picked up our friends Shel & Vera - whom were coming over for a last minute BBQ. Shel's car is in the shops (as something's wrong with is - but no one is sure what) and it's still pissing rain out - so V couldn't really just hop onto her motorcycle - which she would have - (brand new bike!) but the weather isnt' allowing her to. We stopped off at the grocery store on the way home, as they needed some items, and we needed some items, and then we came home to a small BBQ. Jamie's friend Dan was over. Also - Adam came over, too - but he was going out for dinner after, so he just joined us for the company. It was nice to hang out with friends for a little while V & I watched a documentary called Mad Hot Ballroom - which is entertainingly very good while the boys played poker. When Adam left, Vera and Shel left with him for the ride.
Daniel stayed over and hung out with Jamie - I actually took a self night - just chilling by myself an watching some TV. I'm going to go back and veg some more, I just don't feel like doing anything else. I also have no eaten too much tonight, not feeling too good - can do that to you. It's really starting to get very annoying (the feeling of hunger, but te sight of food is nauseating!) When will it stop?

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