Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Knitting Meetup

My busy day, consisted of working on some homework, catching up on Big Love from Sunday night, picking up Angela, showing the apartment upstairs to yet another family of 6 people (OY), shopping at Walmart (eating 2 cheeseburgers at Walmart's McD's - MMMmmm!), having Angela Straighten my hair (FEELS SOOOO NICE AND MAKES ME FEEL SO MUCH BETTER ABOUT MYSELF - cuz all I feel is fat and ugly now!) and what else we do today... oh - go to Montreal Knits. All this - makes me tired. And that's not even much!

Tomorrow Angela is meeting me at school - I end just as she would get over from finishing work, we're heading off to my LYS Mouline, then over to my place to watch the season finale of Will & Grace. I haven't been watching, but kinda want to watch the finale (I did the same thing with Fraiser - I had seen so many previous random episodes that I wanted to watch the series finale).

Today - I bought 2 pregnancy magazine (and got one in the mail from Jenn's mom - my Aunt Betti - she is too cute) and also Knit.1 as well as the Interweave Knits Mag - which has a gorgeous maternity sweater that I WILL knit, which is actually a pattern by none other than Kate Gilbert - who is now a Montrealer!! I am so excited to start the pattern. Right now I'm currently knitting her Clapotis pattern - which is coming along FANTASTIC - I will post pictures tomorrow - way tooooooooooooo zonked tonight to do so.

I had a really good time at the Montreal Knits Meet up - but way too tired, so I didn't get much knitting done at all to be honest. Maybe 5 rows (at 106 or 107 stitches per row... ok, I guess that's a lot? LOL)

Alright, I can barely hold myself up in my desk chair, eyes are getting droopy. A demain.

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