Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Today it was soooo hot and mainly humid - I just had to do the dance to bring on the rain. (Which finally came around 5pm). Thank you rain - I hate humidity!

Today I worked on my project that was due yesterday. I have to hand it in tomorrow when I go back to school. I have 95% of it done, so I think, but I will just have to see about a few things once I get to school - and Laura is going to help me out with the logo - seeing as though I've actually done some of her homework for her in full before. But, something is corrupted with my file, and apparently I'm not the first person in the class to have this (according to Laura who didn't miss yesterday's class) so she's going to help me out on that one.

At about 3pm I was finally ready with my homework (and also got a little bit of laundry done AND baked 3 different kinds of muffins {blueberry, chocolate chip & apple/cinnamon} as well as organic brownies) and jumped into a shower as I had to meet up with Angela around 3:15pm around the corner from my house.

Met up with Angela and did a few errands (picked up juice and soda, went to the bank, did a return at Walmart and returned some movies back to the videostore). We got home, and chilled a bit (and folded more laundry) until Jenn showed up for dinner.

I made some whole wheat pasta for dinner and we got finished just before people started showing up for our little Montreal Knits chez moi.

Here are pictures from this evening:

Left to Right (Above): Isabel, Jennie, Angela, Sharon.

Left to Right (Above): Kadi & Jenn.

AND ME!!! (A very goofy picture of myself!)

At one point, the doorbell rang, and I thought it was someone for our group - but instead it was CANADA POST delivering to me my very first SP8 Package from my SP8 Pal! THANK YOU PAL - I LOVE IT!

I got some Fortissima PINK sock yarn (LOVE IT!) and some Patons Sock yarn (LOVE IT!) and some Moda Dea sock yarn (LOVE IT!) and some beads (LOVE IT!) and some needle protectors (LOVE THEM!) and some bamboo DPN's (LOVE THEM!) and some stickers for scrapbooking/collage (LOVE IT!) - Thanks a million SP8 Pal - you rock! It totally made my day (especially since my bronchitis has turned into a cold now, I can't breathe - the humidity is NASTY NASTY NASTY and well it just brightened up my day!)

This evening, while knitting (I got advanced another entire repeat on Clapotis - I need to photograph the progress - I will soon) we watched TV and spent from 8-9pm making fun of B-list celebrities playing The Price is Right on Gameshow Marathon, and then 9-10pm making fun of wanna-be dancers on So You Think You Can Dance? It was fun, and I had a really good time. I hope that everyone who came over had a good time too. I am very excited that there is an official meeting next week at 2nd Cup.
The package came complete with this birthday card, HOW CUTE!


Anyhow, everyone just left and I need to go clean up and head to bed (I am back at school tomorrow - after almost a week off from being sick!)

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