Friday, May 19, 2006

Sunlight & I HEART REGIA!

Did you know that in an average week in May in Montreal, we get 55.5 hours of sunlight in a week. This week... you want to know how much actual sunlight we've had?

A total of 5.5 hours.

We've had nothing but rain. Rain. Rain. And guess what? More rain....

*Rain, rain, go away, come back another day*

Today, I had my 9 am class, which I almost didn't make it to, due to feeling a bit nauseas and under the weather and also - TIRED. You guessed it. TIRED. Pregnancy = tired. I don't think I've ever felt this tired, in a long, long, long time. Not *THIS* tired.

Class was a drag, but I got some stuff accomplished and also - it was a heavy duty theory class with a lot of notes, so I'm glad that I finally dragged my ass out of bed. That's for starters. Second, we had a 5% exercise to hand in, which was marked on the spot, and I got 5% already of my final grade. That was an easy 5%. I also have another 5% exercise due next Friday, which accompanies my sketches (thumbnails) that are due for my 12 page brochure that we have to hand in at the end of the semester, on which, I chose to do it on B'nai Brith Canada.

For lunch, I went with Jamie to Marathons (the other food I crave besides cheeseburgers) and had a delicious lunch. We met up with 2 of Jamie's 3 ex-coworkers that he usually gets together with every Friday for lunch. It's always nice seeing them.

Got home and my REGIA sock yarn was waiting for me.

Here's what I received (goodie, goodie, goodies * giggle!)

Ain't this lovely? And I'm in heaven with the colours. It was the right choice for me. 100%! They are all 50g balls (takes 100 g to make a pair of socks in full length).

This afternoon I knitted a bit in front of the TV, worked on my Clapotis. This evening we had our usual poker gang over and I played the first of 2 games. I came in 3rd, which is pretty good, but since we were only 7 people playing, I guess it's not that great.

Alright, I'm not feeling too good, so I'm hoping into bed. Tomorrow you better believe I'll be sleeping in. Tomorrow afternoon apparently we're having people over - the same people who were supposed to come up north with us - Jamie's making a BBQ in the rain. Fun fun. I just want to sleep right now, and catch up on sleep. The nausea will hopefully NOT keep me up tonight, as it has the last two night.

Speaking of nights - I had a really odd dream last night/this morning. I dreamed that I was on vacation with Jamie, and I accidentally stayed out all night on the beach - fell asleep on the beach - with a ton of other people, as some party was going on - and when I got to the room in the morning, Jamie was gone, and had left a note, that the dang hotel room cleaning lady had broken his glasses, and he had to go find somewhere to get them repaired, so he can see again. What an odd, odd, dream. Very weird. I've been remembering my dreams more and more lately. Apparently it's something that happens during pregnancy (remembering more dreams).

Alright, sleepy time.

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