Monday, May 08, 2006

Dish Cloths Are Fun To Knit

This weekend I started working on these crochet and this knitted dish cloths. I don't really like purple, so these were made for my sister, who is moving out of my parents house around June 1st.

Out of the one ball of sugar 'n cream, I only got these 2 crochet and 1 knitted cloths. The crochet ones, the left one is double crochet and the right hand side one is single crochet (I wanted to try both, to see what came out). These are my first attempt ever at cotton dish cloths, even though I have some, they were given to me as a present (some nice white and blue ones) from my cousin Jenn. I love them and use them in my kitchen, so they're the perfect gift, because they're washable, and reuseable!

I got a package today from Lainie - just like that - out of the blue. She really over did herself. LOVE YOU LAINIE! Here's what I got.

Up close on the yarn, I got some Knit Picks sock yarn(never tried it before, but I'm IN LOVE with the stripped red/yellow/orange). And also, some pink sock yarn by Wildfoote (never hear of it either, but feels sooooo soft! I can't wait to cast on some more socks!

I also got some silver coloured chocolates, (I think that's what it is!) and some shampoo/shower gels, and some body stuff and a soap roll, and some candies - which got eaten before this picture got taken, sorry!
Well, I guess now, I can actually believe that I'm pregnant. I've taken one test on Thursday, May 4th - a "no-name" test from my local pharmacy. I've also taken a First Response test on Friday, May 5th. Now, test 2 by First Response, this morning, again by the company First Response.

Looks like the pink line is stronger than ever - and it's starting to really hit me that I'm actually pregnant.

Today was a long day in school - from 8am - 5:30pm almost. I really hate Mondays. This morning in my photoshop class, I had a really bad case of Nausea.
This evening Jamie and I chilled on the couch watching Sopranos from last week, Sopranos from yesterday, 24 on TV at 9pm, and the only break we took was for me to show the apartment at 7pm. This time, it was to a girl (not much older than me) with her fiance - older than her by double I swear, and she told me they have 4 kids. I'm not so sure I want that many kids running around above my head in the apartment. I'm not sure what to do - because honeslty, I'm starting to get freaked out that I won't find anyone to rent the place. Argh. I will do a credit check on them in the next few days, I just need to find someone who will pay rent. I have another apointment tomorrow night at 7pm. Hopefully I'll find someone soon! I don't need this stress anymore.

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